Friday, 15 April 2011

Sophisticated Libyan Rebel Forces :

It must be the power of Twitter and Facebook that allows Libyan Rebel Forces to set up a new central bank during the turmoil and chaos of UN/Nato Hyper kinetic fake Humanitarian Foreign intervention.It must be the power of social networking that allows them to do this as they can all communicate with each other and decide on what basis to set up a new central bank of Libya and to presumably print new paper currency.

Its all very curious if you think about it and i wonder who owns and controls the new central bank and i wonder where they print the new currency and i wonder if it will be printed offshore and i wonder what it is backed by as in Gold* or wether or not it will be funny money courtesy of the RPPCBS ?

*I wonder if it will be backed by the 144 tons of gold in vaults in Libya as reported by the IMF ?

Or will the gold be seized by the IMF who are a front for the RPCBS to add to their already not inconsiderable inventory of wealth and assets that have been systematically looted from every country have infiltrated ?

32,000 OZs in a ton

1 ton = 2000 pounds

16 ounces per pound

Gold is presently 1435 USD per ounce

So 1 ton of gold = 51,200,000 USD

= 7,372,828,800 USD.

Thats small change to the RPPCBS.

I wonder if the RPPCBS will seize the gold and still loan Libya cash to rebulid so that they become debt slaves after previously being independent - economically viable and self sufficient ?

If they do which they surely will then they can thank the Muppet sellout/Useful Idiot Libyan rebel forces and their self appointed interim/transitional National NWO Council.

A lot of these points are raised in the form of questions that answer themselves for the purposes of sarcasm.

I support Gadaffi in this conflict but that serves to demonstrate just how fucked up everything is when you side with a dictator rather than the UN/NATO.There is nothing remarkable about not supporting the UN/Nato once you understand the nature and intent of these organisations but supporting a dictator is remarkable as i have never supported a dictator before.

I am going to talk to someone i know to get some insight into what went on during the Gadaffi regime regarding secret police,imprisonment,torture and that type of thing just out of curiosity.

Western intelligence agencies have been active for as long as Gadaffi has been in power and they all know about all of the underground network of tunnels under Libya so i hope that these tunnels have been secured by the time there are US,Nato troops on the ground in Libya for the sake of the Useful Idiots in the US/NATO military.

RPPCBS = Rothschild Parasitical Private Central Banking System

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