Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Avoiding contamination from radioactive fallout by staying informed :

Protect and stay informed:

Stay informed and protect.

Stay protected and informed.

Stay informed and be protected

Information = Protection

Prepare for radioactive fallout by not preparing for it.

I was informed by my Great World Leader Obama that i could protect myself from radioactive fallout by staying informed yet its surprisingly difficult to stay informed as there is a lack of accurate info on the MSM so i am finding it increasingly difficult to protect myself by keeping up to date so i have to go to the alternative media instead which i was warned by FEDGOV and the MSM not to visit.I dont like visiting them as i dont trust their information and the alternative media has an anti-govt agenda.

I just hope they are not able to trace my internet activity but just to make sure i use Google Chrome with Google Analytics as back up just in case.

The problem is today for example radiation contaminationlevels of milk supplies in the US are now 300 percent higher than EPA safe levels.

So does this mean that by knowing that milk is highly radioactive i can still drink it because i know that it is highly radioactive as i am now protected by being informed about this or do i have to act on the basis of what i have been informed about ??

I am really not sure what to do so i am going to contact the Enviromental Poisoning Agency to find out as i need to talk to a FEDGOV employee.

There is no info available at all about Cesium,Uranium or Plutonium so i cant protect myself against it but if i am not informed about it then it cant be harmful or i would be informed and warned about it and anyway you cant worry about what you dont know about as why would you be worried about it ?

What is the point in worrying about something you cant see ?

Why not worry about something serious instead ?

All i know is official sources keep saying that the radiation is not harmful and that it will dissipate and they must be right or they would not be saying it as they are official source.

Its best not to worry about unprecedented levels of Plutonium as worrying can make you very ill.I was also informed that taking small amounts of Turmeric and Baking Soda on a daily basis to prevent the effects of radioactive fallout could be seriously bad for my health especially as the Department of Pharmaceuticals do not approve it so please dont try this yourself at home but anyway it doesnt matter as its all harmless and its all dissipated.

The UN and all World Leaders are doing everything in their power to make sure you are safe and if you are concerned then you are not getting your recommended RDA of Fluoride which reminds me that i am running very low on happy pills.

I get very tense without happy pills and i swear by the Chinese made Happy pills as they are a lot cheaper and i get free shipping or i can get them for free because of Obamacare which means i can pick them up instead of waiting.

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