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A Trojan Horse

I just dont know where to start with Zeitgeist but they are a cultlike TransHumanist/Malthusian/Collectivist/Anti-Capitalist/anti-religion organisation and they are Zealots and their utopian planned centralised and computerised Plannedopolis is straight out of Brave New World.

In short Zeitgeist are wackos and are Authoritarians and later i shall outline why.

You cannot expect to get rid of the problems caused by organised religion by getting rid of religion particularly Christianity.What an absurd idea.The fact is like it or not people choose to be Christians as they want to be Christians and they wont stop being Christians by getting rid of Christianity and again there is an element of Authoritarianism in wanting to get rid of religion.

Peter Joseph claims with absolute certainty that if your parents are Christians then there is a 99 percent chance you will have Christianity pushed onto you.Theres nothing like making absolutist statements to make your point.One of my parents is Christian by denomination but it was never ever pushed onto me.I must be the 1 percent but Peter Joseph doesnt differentiate between practicing Christians and Christian by denomination.Having said that i was baptised so obviously religion was pushed onto me to a certain extent but Peter Joseph doesnt take the degree to which it can be pushed onto you into consideration.Having said that its like a tradition that is carried through society so its continually pushed onto others.

There are too many different degrees and factors involved and how they affect each individual to make absolutist statements that its an inherently negative thing.Personally i was baptised but otherwise i was free to take or leave religion as it was neither encouraged nor discouraged on a parental basis beside the ritual of Baptism that is much a tradition as a religious belief.

BTW The Venus Project are not anti-religion as they promote Paganism/Sun worship amongst other things and they use a lot of esoteric/occult symbolism.

Their whole philosophy of a "Resource Economy" is laughable in the extreme because there will still be money involved as you simply cannot have an economy without money.Just imagine all of those large companies wanting to make stuff without being paid for it.What do i have to do to buy stuff off them ? Clean out their pool ? or clean their car or shine their shoes ?

They use a lot of strong language like "abolishing" or "eradicating" anything that opposes their agenda but despite their claims of Zeitgeist being against power structures and equality yet they themselves have set themselves up as arbiters of what does or doesnt fit into the Zeitgeist agenda which by default means that there is a power structure and that it is Authoritarian because if i wanted to sell for money it would not be permitted by the Zeitgeist social/economic arbiters/deciders/whatever of the Zeitgeist PlannedDystopia.

It wont be long before you are re-educated/re-processed.

Its all seriously flawed and i am going to rip them to bits bit by bit by bit.

I have watched Peter Joseph being interviewed and i noticed how he consistently will avoid talking about certain specific topics by switching the topic to something else over and over again and i noticed that he is not a very good liar.Little Shithead spreading deception and disinfo.

For example Peter Joseph claims the free market would work in principle which is correct and then incorrectly states that a free market/enterprise isnt allowed to exist and will never exist.

So going by that logic despite the fact that the free market/enterprise would work in principle we wont implement a free market/enterprise system anyway and we will abolish money.

Makes sense doesnt it ??

Actually the free market does exist on a small to medium scale but on the larger scal the free market diminishes mainly due to govt regulation and corporations but at the same there is a free market within large corporations as they all compete with each other in the marketplace so therefore its self evident that a free market does exist but to an extent its a controlled free market.

A complete free market doesnt exist because it is controlled/manipulated/curtailed by a controlled/planned criminal political financial system which decides everything.

Is the US allowed to compete fairly with China in terms of importing and exporting for example ?

No its not.The world manufacturing base and marketplace is strictly controlled.

So therefore Zeitgeist are anti-free market which means Authoritarianism and regulation so if you think its bad now just imagine how bad it would be.

Peter Joseph is unable and unwilling to explain these points and thats just one example.

Another quote in response to the point that the free market/enterprise system produces the most goods and services and just about everything Peter Joseph says its "resource management and technology that creates these things and human inginuity".The free market/enterprise is human inginuity.Resource management doesnt create goods and services and technology does not build homes.An economy purely based on technology will only produce technology and if thats the case then technology will be developed purely for the sake of developing and producing technology and it will result in an imbalance.

If there is a freemarket/enterprise system then it will drive forward technology and everything else according to supply and demand so you have a natural evolution which is something that these central planning types like Peter Joseph dont understand.

He describes the criminality within the system as "this corruption" without going anywhere near the truth.To get rid of the corruption you have to remove the corrupting influence/element not get rid of cash while ignoring the cause of the corruption which is idiotic.

......Theres just so much about Peter Joseph/Zeitgeist that i just dont know where to start and when to stop so it will have to be point by point.

The Venus Project and a lot of their sci fi waffle sounds like its written by and for Space Cadets and naive/impressionable young Atheists.Its childish naive babble and they are like a cult.

"The power of a group identification with a new social system" - Peter Joseph

Forwards together !! [doing it the wrong way as usual]

"To fight and get rid of the New World Order you have to get rid of money" - Peter Joseph

That is utterly pathetic !

What are you going to have instead ? SDRs ? A new digital currency ? Food stamps ? Barcodes/implants ? Worker/Citizen credits ??

Why not try getting rid of the New World Order ??

[SSssssssshhhhhh that might not be the plan -]

Everytime that Peter Joseph is pressed about the NWO he says he is not interested in the NWO or that the NWO is small and insignificant but he wants to get rid of money to get rid of the NWO.No talk of the collective wealth/assets of the 1 percent

You are not going to get rid of what money i have you POS.

Fucking idiots.Its like a sci-fi story where some elements of it cant really be satisfactorily explained like where all of the technology comes from and who produces it and based on what so its best not to try to deconstruct/analyse it too much as its not in the spirit of it and it ruins the story.

Its like how you have floating cars in sci fi films.It doesnt matter how they float as they just float and it looks good and its futuristic a bit like The Venus Project.

If the criminals who control and own the system are successfully removed you then have the problem of rubbish like Peter Joseph/Zeitgeist wanting to replace them with an army of Zealot followers/acolytes.

Zeitgeist = Disinfo.

Be your own judge but beware.

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