Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Leading Question/@Weakileaks badly thought out MSM propaganda program :

Can you spot the massive flaw in the article linked below ??

"@Weakileaks: FBI hunts the 9/11 gang that got way"

What is this nonsense ??

Does 2 + 2 equal 4 or 6 or 10 ?

These days in the present Orwellian/Huxleyian dystopia it probably equals anything that you say it does but as far as i am concerned it still equals 4 and maths was never my strong point but i am not about to jump on the An Apple Is A Banana cultural/social/political/Reality Distortion/Societal[Retro-]Engineering meme that is so prevalent today because i prefer as part of my ongoing life simplification trip to keep things simple and tell it like it is and in an insane world the only respite is sanity and clear and critical thinking.

Anyway enough of that and on to the article and the ongoing state sponsored/officially sanctioned/carefully selected/media vetted/Israel/PNAC/CFR/TC friendly @Weakileaks/Julian Ass-sausage/Aussauges MSM Dog And Pony Roadshow that continues :

Distract - Disseminate - Distort - Disorientate - Divide - Diverge - Dis-associate - Disingenuousness - Discourage - Dishonesty and thats all i can think of.

To get to the point the article in the web address above [for some reason i am unable to embed active links] is a Telegraph article featuring the latest @Weakileak disclosure that is claiming that 3 Quatari males that were previously unknown to all of the alphabet intelligence/security agencies both in the US and worldwide in todays globally linked intelligence agencies since 9/11.

This info is described as a "Secret" document despite the fact that now its not secret as it has been disclosed to the public for public consumption or does that still count as secret ? or is it lazy journalistic error or is it 2 + 2 = 11 time again ?

As far as i know right now i cannot attribute the file to a particular agency without searching but i dislike being told that something is "secret" because it means anything and nothing.

Somehow the file was not known to exist to anyone or any govt or any agency anywhere at anytime since 9/11 until the very recent @Weakileaks disclosure so how is this possible when the file originated from unspecified "official" sources ?

Its no surprise at all that its not attributed to a particular agency as it would be hard to explain exactly why the FBI are now 10 years later launching a manhunt for the 3 Quatari males who are allegedly linked to 9/11.

Its even more hard to explain why this info was so highly classified that its non-disclosure was on a no one needs to know about it ever until its disclosed by @Weakileaks basis.

I never realised that intelligence/security agencies and govts were so compartmentalised that none of them would be aware of the existence of a classified digital intelligence file but in any any event difital files do not count as hard evidence in the same way that a physical document as they can be very easily faked.

This is not journalistic error as this is reported as news unilaterally across the MSM.

Anyway it will mean more job satisfaction for the FBI in terms of searching for previously unknown individuals rather than non-existent or deceased terrorists and terror suspects unless these three dont exist either and its not as if they are going to turn themselves in but it matters not as the MSM disinfo program will continue regardless and most probably 3 identikit pictures of males of Middle Eastern/Arabic descent will be trotted out in due course.

Of course another upshot of this will be increased budgets and manpower time devoted to running around searching for non-existent/previously unknown terror suspects.

Anyway i could save the US/UK Taxpayer £$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$ and endless man hours by simply informing the FBI to search within the alphabet security/intelligence agencies/the CFR/PNAC/Rothschilds etc etc etc etc and to trace the suspects linked to 9/11 but they wont listen unfortunately.

If anyone cant see through this then they are incapable of thinking for themselves but at the same time thats a little unfair and a little snobbish as its not wrong to not understand the situation if you havent looked into it yourself and you dont understand the nature of the propaganda and all the other angles of it etc etc as i didnt know or understand it all once either.

In a way its just as unnacceptable to mock those that dont know or understand the subject as it is to mock those that especially when they think they are arguing from an educated and informed position when they are not.

Someone quoted Popular Mechanics as reference material once and while that was in itself laughable i had the choice to either laugh openly or inform.

Its your govt and your media that is lying and deceiving you but its entirely up to you how you choose to deal with that fact or not deal with it as the case may be.

One final point is to NEVER dismiss 100 percent of the content within the MSM because to do so is to be closed minded and snobbish and for example while doing some research on the chinese banking system i found a very informative factual and well written article by an Economist who writes for Microsoft News [MSN] plus it was the only article i could find on the subject after a websearch as after searching through lots of rubbish you find something worthwhile.

Dont dis da MSM til ya check it out for yourselves right ?

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