Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Overton Window

Today children we are going to look through the Overton Window instead of the Round window or the Square window.

It was hard to find an image online for the Overton Window as all i got as endless pictures of the cover of the Glen Beck book.

This is quite astonishing but sadly its not an isolated example of the type of Authoritarian mindset that seems to indicate a growing trend that leans towards the love of Authoritarianism OR the Authoritarian advocates have always been with us and since there is a trend that is growing that advocates Authoritarianism these types are de-closeting themselves since they feel that there is safety in numbers.

There is definately an ongoing program to make Authoritarian views more acceptable in society particularly amongst Academia and its simply astonishing just how many Academics are advocates of various forms of Authoritarianism.

The logic behind the effort to make Authoritarianism acceptable in society is to proliferate Authoritarian views so that instead of the likes of David Ceserani are not seen as isolated examples of lunacy who attract a severe backlash for their views but rather the more of these types there are who air their views the more it normalises their views so their views become part of a larger consensus and by definition if there is a large and growing consensus of Authoritarianism advocates they become socially acceptable and once their views become acceptable then the next stage is to promote Authoritarianism.

This is known as the Overton Window which broadly speaking is a theoretical imaginary window that if you look through it you will see a full spectrum of views concerning policy that have been decided are suitable for further thought and discussion on future govt policy and what is thought to be acceptable for society as a whole.

Once an idea or policy or whatever is within the Overton window then it can be determined wether or not that particular view will be defined as either wholly unnacceptable to the public or acceptable and popular to the point that it becomes policy.

Its all about the process of determining what is acceptable and what isnt and its about shaping public opinion and perception.

To give an extreme example lets talk about De-population.

In normal circumstances De-population policy and programs should be wholly unnacceptable to everyone.Theres no need to explain the various reasons why that is because they are or should be obvious to everyone.

However the public are being presented with a scenario where overpopulation is promoted as a crisis due to fraudulent claims of an ongoing enviromental crisis where too many people are destroying and destabilising the climate and the planet as a whole so therefore the scale of the crisis presents itself as a kind of moral dilemma where the future of the planet is more important in the long term than the present human population.The point of this is to make you stop and think about a proposition that on moral grounds cannot be argued with because no one can argue that the long term future and well being of the planet has to be secured at all costs for the future of Humanity so in the short term there has to be a sacrifice made which is a literal sacrifice of 80 percent of the population.

This is how the Overton Window is moved or that a subject or proposition is up for discussion to determine what is acceptable or unnacceptable to the public and in truth once a policy is within the parameters of the Overton Window then there is a certain amount of inevitability that the particular proposed policy will become actual policy once it has moved through the 6 stages that are :

Unthinkable - Radical - Acceptable - Sensible - Popular - and finally Policy.

Wether or not an idea moves through those 6 stages and becomes policy depends on how well that idea is sold to the public and who - where - and how it is dicussed and how often it is discussed.

Its all about shaping the perception and opinion of society as a whole to accept or discard an idea and once an idea generates a consensus among the public then it has really become socially and politically acceptable.Wether an idea generates a consensus across the board is another matter altogether and the idea of depopulation for example will never ever get 100 percent approval which is obviously a good thing but it does have widespread support amongst mentally defective Stateist/Collectivist/Fascist EcoCommuNazis but once these views start to take root amongst other sections of society then it becomes dangerous to the point where you have a society that is on a very slippery slope towards tyranny.

Unfortunately in the post-Democratic society it is not necessary for an idea to be 100 percent popular which is obvious without having to explain a statement that is circular which leads back to the growing trend of Authoritarianism where it doesnt matter what you think about a particular policy or issue anyway.

At the same time its easier for an Authoritarian regime to have some kind of public approval for its actions simply because a public that approves of its actions for whatever reason is easier to manage.Authoritarian leaders due to the fact that the majority of them have personal issues concerning Narcissismand within Communism/Collectivism/Fascism entire populations were manipulated to accept all kinds if barbaric and dehumanising govt policy because of various perceived threats.

There you have it.

Every unpleasent and unthinkable policy has to have a worst case scenario that will act itself out if the unthinkable policy is not implemented.

Thats how it works.

So in a sense the Overton Window is something that is found in a free and open and Democratic society wheras in an Authoritarian society the Overton becomes redundant because personal or shared opinion is irrelevant but at the same time it still is essential because Authoritarian Collectivist/Fascist societies perform a very delicate balancing act on keeping a lid on their oppressed populations so that they dont boil over like we are seeing in Egypt as the people will decide when they have had enough.
and this has always been the way of things.

So in the link above you have David Cesarani advocating a Tiannamen Sq type scenario in Egypt as being favorable and without going into the details of this ugly unpleasent Zionist POS its yet another attempt to normalise something that should be totally abhorrent to anyone but here we have someone that defends those types of actions as being favorable and necessary to the point where peoples futures and lives have no value or importance when offset against securing the borders of Israel for example.

This is part of the larger growing trend within govts and their controllers that decides that human life is worthless and you see this everyday when you hear about entire villages wiped out by US Drone attacks in Pakistan etc and you can become numb to it all as you just think its more collateral damage which is evidence of the Overton window in action although in truth its become policy so is therefore no longer in the Overton Window as the Overton Window has already decided that this type of activity is acceptable in society and if people dont oppose those kinds of actions then they have either accepted it or they have become inured to it.

Remember that a lack of an outcry against a particular policy or proposal can and will be interpreted as tacit acceptance and approval.

Its the job of social engineers to move the Overton Window by presnenting you with a series of moral dilemmas and scare stories and end of the world scenasrios and alleged Islamic Fundamentalist terrorist organisations that are deseigned to make you accept previously unthinkable govt policy and the most effective way to do this is through the use of fear.

Its always FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR which justifies the pretext and not forgetting the general gullibility and stupidity of people and their natural/inbred inclination to appeal to authority.People are not that psychologically diifferent to Dogs and by that i mean they prefer to live in a Heirachial society and they instinctively regard the institution of govt as their pack leader.The pack might not like the govt or their leaders but they know their place and stay within it rather than speaking out as that risks disapproval and ostracisation from their peers.

Society is very clearly regressing rather than progressing.

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