Friday, 25 February 2011

Hilary CLINTon gives China the option of Eminent Domain over the US

This is as bad as it gets but its utterly predictable as i wrote about it a short while ago as it was the obvious next stage.

[I dont think the CLINT/CUNT transposition will translate with this particular typeface]
I have been offline and away for 1 week with no idea about current events except for some idea of the spread of political/civil unrest in the Middle East/North Africa which i saw on newspaper covers and on news reports on the radio but thats all.I quite liked not knowing what is going on but in other ways i dont because i have to know whats going on and its unfolding at such an unprecedented rate that i cant miss it all for one day.

The problem with the uprisings in the ME/NA is there is a mass of people who are pissed off but uneducated and unwordly protestors which makes them nothing more than fodder for the Trilateralists etc and it makes it very very easy for the Trilateralists to co-opt/hijack the various popular resistance movements etc so the apparent revolutions/uprisings are nothing more than circular - Meet the new boss-same as the old boss revolutions or they allow interventions/occupations by the US miltary on the behalf of the Trilateralists etc.

Whats to happen to Gadaffi ?

Suicide or Assasination or he will run off to South America.

[Years ago there was an attempted assasination attempt on Gaddafi that was orchestrated by intelligence agencies who shall remain anonymous as i shouldnt even be typing this that involved a convoy of Jeeps one of which was infiltrated by an agent acting on behalf of the unnamed intelligence agency/govt.The agent/mole was supposed to shoot Gadaffi in the back of the head as he was in the same vehicle but sadly and unexpectedly managed to miss despite Gadaffi being at point blank range.]

Thats all the details you are getting.

This will of course result in yet another US occupation after a very quicker and cleaner war in Iraq scenario.

Anyway Hilary CLINTon sells out the US to China.

I dont have anything else to say about this right now as i dont have time to write and i need to assimilate my thoughts.

I am in a state of shock even though i expected this to happen but the shock is not from the unexpected but from the implications of it.

The fact is the Globalist/NWO cocksucking maggot filth in the Obama adminstration should be impeached immediately and tried in a court of law to defend themselves against charges of high treason [one still has the right to dream] as they certainly cant be accused of defending US interests.

Further to that this agreement was not party to any kind of political process that would have involved Congress.

I am not overtly religious and i dont like to offend others religious sensibilities but Jesus Fucking Christ this is some serious unprecedented S H I T.

In any event since officially China holds 1-2 trillion in US Treasury bonds that does NOT in any way shape or form allow China eminent domain over the US in its entirity as they only have the right to foreclose on 1-2 trillion USD worth of assets and no more and that peanuts in the bigger picture UNLESS either the official figures are wrong and China holds a much bigger interest in the US OR its the thin end of the wedge and personally i think its both.

Eminent Domain over 2 trillions worth of assets as they wont be having Eminent Domain over 2 trillions worth of gold as the US FEDGOV doesnt hold any assets in gold bullion as it has all be stolen and relocated in places like Switzerland and in various undisclosed locations.

Its also symbolic of the contempt that the likes of Hitlerian Clintons contempt for national interests and sovereignty of the US but the Clintons are well known for passing on US classified info and military info onto the Chinese as it has been going on for decades.

All of this is planned out in advance and there is a lot more involved in this than 2 trillions worth of treasury bonds thats for sure.

No such thing as a US Communist takeover ?

This is one step closer although its not an actual Communist takeover as its far broader and far more complicated than that but by definition a Collectivist nation state is having more and more if an influence over the US so i still win the argument.Some clueless idiot on a forum said to me "The rich in the US would not allow a Communist takeover of the US" while obviously not realising or understanding that its the Rich or the 1 percenters that have always promoted and installed Communist/Collectivist regimes as its an easy way for them to collectivise and centralise wealth while the clueless Proletariat rage against the middle class not realising that they were being ruled by Capitalist Elitist bankers and social engineers and the ruling class in general.

They must like it that way it seems and anyone who wants to argue with me about Communism can try and argue their way out of that but arguing against historical fact is utterly pointless.

Thats the truth behind Communism/Collectivism that we have seen manifested rather than theoretical Communism/Collectivism which is a seperate subject.

Clueless Idiots

Eminent Domain and what it means :

Actually just do a websearch for it yourself and read about govt compulsary purchase orders etc etc yourself as its simple enough and i am tired of spoonfeeding people who dont know anything and are too lazy and stupid and disinterested to do it themselves and these are usually the types who say i dont know what i am talking about.I am sick and tired of it and i find it very very surprising that there is still such a high level of ignorance when everyone has all the information they could ever want or need that is just a websearch away.The fact is the stupidity levels of some people online are something that i simply cannot tolerate to any extent and recently i was actually repulsed by the stupidity levels of certain individuals online and they made me feel slightly ill and i am not making that up or exaggerating for effect.

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