Wednesday, 9 February 2011

ODumbo :

Steals from the Poor

Give$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to the Rich

Stupid Bitch

[I just realised that if i begin where i ended then i wont get anywhere so i had best have a rethink about that before i end up where i ended before i start at least until i learn to think and type backwards]

[Everything in bite sized chunks please]

How do you round up the overweight and clinically obese and the terminally stupid into specified locations ??

3 for 1 offer on giant sized bags of Doritos at ASDA/WALMART - THIS WEEK ONLY !!!

How can ObaMao make the world a better place for everyone ?

By giving himself a buckshot mouthwash.

Whats the best way to make sure Obama doesnt ever say anything ?

Keep the teleprompter turned off.

What are Obamas favorite charity organisations ?

The Banking/Financial Sector and big business.

What would Obama recommend as the perfect diet for poor people ?


What 2 things take up most of Obamas time while in office as acting POTUS ?

Golf and vacations.

What was Obamas worst subject while at law school ?

Constitutional Law.

How can you predict what Obamas future policies will be at any given time ?

Reverse everything he says.

What is Obamas favorite soft drink ?

Purple grape Koolaid.

How do you stop Obama from being a complete hypocrite ?

You cant as its simply not possible.

What are the 100 most useful things you can do with Joe Biden ?

There arent any.Not one if you exclude the production of CO2 which is compensation for stealing my oxygen.

Come to think of it why dont politicians pay a tariff on the excess CO2 they produce ?

It might be an idea to offset the oxygen they consume against the CO2 they produce which is plant food but its not economically viable as the production of CO2 is far too expensive in the case of empty suit politicians.Very expensive plant food.

What is the best way to use Obama,Biden,or Pelosi for concealing drugs through airport security ?

Use the empty space inside their heads to conceal the drugs.

- Now wait just one gdamned minute they dont need to sneak drugs through airport security as they are exempt from airport security plus they are already connected to the supply and distribution of drugs anyway.

An alternative idea would be to let the CIA hire some mentally unstable drugged up Islamic extremeists to plant explosives inside their empty heads that would detonate inside Air Force One.

I shouldnt be saying this as it will give them ideas resulting in mandatory enforced enhanced security measures involving X ray irradiating brain scanners.

Why cant Obama produce his longform US birth certificate ?

The dog ate it.

How do the DHS/Department Of Homeland/Homosexual[In]Security/Sovietisation/Sexual Molestation to block an airport from hiring its own security for example ?

Use Janet Napolitano to physically block them.

Janet Napolitano has been described as a "Bilderberg/CFR Seatwarmer" but i disagree because the size of Janets arse would easily warm 3 seats so it should be 3 seat warmer.

Down is the new UP

Cold is the new Hot

Stupidity/Retardation is the new Intelligensia

Arrogance/feigned intelligence is the new Academia

How can Malthusians solve the alleged planetary overpopulation crisis ?

By shutting the Fuck Up and killing themselves.

How can you differentiate between the intelligence levels of plants and vegetables and AGW advocates ?

You cant as they are identical.

A new FEDGOV DHS anti-terrorism initiative will involve a small digital early warning device that transmits the GPS location for the next state sponsored/manufactured/politically expedient staged terror event.These devices will be placed inside every new box of Corn Flakes and will be identifiable by their own unique RFID numbered microchip transponder.

In a recent test 9 out of 10 people preferred a stuffed politician to a living politician mainly on the basis that the stuffed politician does not require an endless amount of cash and priveleges and homes not to mention the fleets of cars and planes and not to mention their staff and all the rest of it but what they liked the most was the fact that the stuffed politician didnt annoy the hell out of them with its constant relentless babble and lies and hypocrisy etc as the stuffed politician just sits in the corner and doesnt make a sound and doesnt need anything or any attention.

Another plus factor is the stuffed politician doesnt need to be house trained.

An alternative use for live politicians is they make very good house servants for Banking/Industrial Oligarchs and best of all they take all the backlash against illegal foreign wars and occupations etc etc.

What is the most effective method of removing liars,Fraudsters,Traitors etc etc etc from political office ?

Call in Pest Control.Or guns Or/and lots of rope.

How can you tell when a politician is lying ?

They usually cant remember anything.

How many Bureaucrats does it take to change a lightbulb ?

10,572 to be exact. [anything to keep themselves in a job and living off the taxpayer]

How can you tell that this year or any previous year is the warmest on record since before records began and since before history began ?

It keeps geting colder and colder..........

How can AGW be proven scientifically ?

Its not necessary as you just make it up as you go along and then SHOUT down and insult and ridicule anyone who questions your ASSumed pseudo-scientific enlightened and [mis]educated position.

Who needs science anyway ?

Its convoluted and boring and uses lots of unintelligable descriptive terminology and text and all that complicated mathematics and equations so its easier to make up childlike its colder because its hotter hypothesisies* which is about as scientific and likely as the Cow jumping over the Moon.

Utter Tripe and anyway what good does cherry picking enviromental issues and policy while ignoring other worthwhile enviromental issues and policy simply because its not politically expedient or the simple fact its an inconvenient truth achieve ??

NOTHING except lots and lots and lots of £££$£££$£$£$££$£$££$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$££££$£$£$£.

I keep talking about Hemp as an infinately renewable resource as an alternative to oil amongst other things but CURIOUSLY it keeps falling on deaf ears.

For some reason or very specific reasons saving the planet because the sky is going to fall in or there is going to be a catastrophic 600m rise in sea levels or that the dreaded CO2 industrial Pigmonster is going to eat everyone and everything doesnt seem as if its such a life threatening extinction level event anymore.

Childish BIBBLE.

In the meantime at regular intervals i am going to breathe in and out 3 times faster than normal to exhale more CO2 than normal as there arent any regulations on breathing rates yet........but if everyone did this would there be 3 times as much CO2 than normal and 3 times less Oxygen ?

What financial institution typically lives in a close relationship with other organisms which are its host while it typically proves to be very difficult to get rid of since it has a natural talent for entrenchment until it has finally exhausted its host population and in all instances harms them and in some cases kills them ?

The Federal Reserve.

Why did the Chicken cross the road from the White House ?

To get away from the stink of Globalist treasonous sellout duplicitous criminality.

How do you kill plants/vegatation/trees with dead politicians ?

Use them as fertiliser.

Which of these two objects is the most useful/versatile ? :

A: A Politician

B: An empty cardboard box

B is the correct answer so if you got that right give yourself a Lollipop.

What kind of work will suit Janet Napolitano when she is kicked out of office ?

One possibility is a professional drag artist or alternatively she could be used for grazing pasture.

When are the indestructable Black Boxes located inside commercial aircraft destructable and in what specific instance ?

When the Black Boxes are located in commercial aircraft that are used for staged terror events like 9/11.

The same thing goes for altering the laws of physics.

I had this idea about the UK selling its natural gas to France who would then sell it back to us in winter where more is charged for it than in summer which = more cash for nothing simply because of supply and demand.

What an idiotic idea but unfortunately its being done already which partly explains why no matter how economical you are with fuel/energy consumption you still end up NOT saving any cash.

I might as well turn everything off and sit here in the dark and i would still get ripped off.The constant rise in the cost of fuel and power offsets any theoretical cash saved by economising.

Anyway unless i can think of anything else to type that was 1.5 hrs successfully wasted.

Never do tomorrow what you cant do today.

*Hypothesisies was a typo but then i thought its a good term to describe the scientific field of climate prediction.

I must remember to forget what i was going to do next..........

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