Monday, 14 February 2011

Ignoring forum users on forums :

This facility for forum users is to use an analogy like going for a drink in a pub where the same tiresome predictable tossers that you dislike are in the pub every night without fail so you have to be certain not to look in their direction and to sit as far away from them as possible and not go to the bar at the same time to be sure you dont come into contact with them at any time.

Or you could provoke them into a confrontation or react to their provocative behaviour.

Personally i would rather find another drinking establishment because ignoring does not make the problem go away as their presence in the same space makes ignoring them impossible as i dont want to share the same space as them.

I would also prefer a pub whose policy is not to allow underage drinking but the problem with that is there are far too many under 16yr olds trapped in adults bodies and unfortunately there is no legislation that dis-allows this subsection of society from drinking in pubs or from becoming online forum members.

So instead i have to draft and implement my own anti-Kidult policy and if you want something done properly you have to do it yourself.

Dont wait for someone else to do it.

Take the initiative yourself !!!


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