Friday, 14 January 2011


Welcome to a new era of US - China co-operation and economic/pollitical development.

Chinese investors have billion in escrow accounts all waiting to invest in the US as there are numerous examples of this happening.

Invest 500,000 - 1 million USD in the US in return for a Green card.

China will bail out the US in terms of foreign investment.

Landing rights and long term leases on US soil and this is not to mention various sea ports and other areas of land that have been sold off to the Chinese and not to mention the fact that China has made repeated threats against the US and not to mention that the US is MASSIVELY in debt to China and not to mention that the Chinese political model is the model for a Globalist/NWO world govt and not to mention that China is now the NO 1 world super power and not to mention the fact that China recently launched an ICBM 35 miles off the coast of the US as it managed to somehow be undetected* and not to mention the fact that the Chinese are not going to be very happy or sympathetic if the US cant repay its debt and not to mention the size of the Chinese military and not to mention the fact that the US is actively passing on state secrets that are to do with military technology to the Chinese on a regular basis and many other things i have not listed.

People talk about wiping out the US defecit that has been generated fraudulently but how do you wipe out the chinese investment in the US which is MASSIVE ??

There is a problem here.

Its not as simple as saying that the planets manufacturing base including the US has relocated to China as a simple matter of economics.That is true to an extent as it was part of the Globalist/NWO agenda BUT its also part of a much wider and far reaching geo-political agenda and so far China has had this image of being a secular nation that is self contained and self sufficient but i think they have been part of the NWO agenda all along while the majority thinks its all about the result of trade tariffs etc.

Little do they know.....

Those who plan the agenda work work to long term plans that are 50 to 100 years in advance and the next 50 to 100 years will involve China in a very big way but the Chinese economy is already going into a decline which is inevitable as their exports to the West will shrink because of the deepening depression in the West as their economy is heavily based on exports.

Mandarin is being pushed in most schools now and its for the above reason.

The fact is the Chinese are not in debt and have massive liquidity and a LOT of leverage over the US and no doubt the Globalist power elite have done deals with the Chinese but there is the distinct possibility of China being manipulated into starting wars with North Korea and there is the definate possibility that the power elites could use the unrepayable debt to China as the pretext for a war with China

Its certainly a possibility given all of the above factors but personally a Chinese takeover is more likely.

The problem with the US is it is massively stretched with overseas conflicts with military personel that are used and abused and worn out with 10 years of Iraq/Afghanistan conflict with very low levels of recruitment partly caused by peoples cynicism/disillusionment of govt and war but the one thing that the US has which is a BIG advantage is GUNS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of them and a population of 300 million PISSED OFF Americans which explains why there have been repeated attempts up to and including the Jared Lee Loughner incident to restrict and control and remove or circumvent the 2nd amendment which has so far proved unproductive.

America must hold onto its guns and uphold the 2nd amendment without exception.

Banned US/China video :

The ad was banned because its too close to the truth and the truth is the debt is part of a wider agenda.

* That statement was not fact but its talked about by those in the know.

ICBM Missile launch off the US coast :

On a similar topic to that there is this :

This was stupidly thought to be Aliens/UFO or explained away officially in the usual fashion as a Contrail which is utterly ridiculous as it clearly looks like a missile.Officialdom must think everyone is a complete Moron to accept that explanation.

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