Saturday, 26 February 2011


These type of comments as in @Cessna[top comment] are fairly typical and i dont reply to it on the basis of being an over sensitive PC reactionary but with plain truth as it was just totally idiotic and i am not about to let Bullshit get in the way of F A C T.

Once an area becomes economically disadvantaged wether its White or Black or whatever color then crime and violence and anti-social behaviour levels go up and up to varying degrees and this isnt subject to argument as it is fact as its only the causes that are subject to debate.

Look at Thatchers Britain during the UKs de-industrialisation programme to see how entire healthy communities and estates degenerated into no go areas due to chronic unemployment etc etc and the truth is that citizens reward society in the way that society rewards citizens and the present degenerate and criminal and corrupt system is reflected by a degenerate society.

David Cameron can witter on about his Collectivist "Big Society" ideas all he likes but until the fundemental causes of an economically/politically/morally bankrupt system are addressed then its all just empty shallow rhetoric courtesy of an empty suited career sellout politician that is willfully out of touch with reality.

Any elected govt that consistently refuses to address the core problem within society wihich is namely the predatory and exploitative and criminal and fraudulent debt slavery privatised banking system is about as much use to me as something which has absolutely no fucking use at all.

Society as a whole pays the price and is punished financially and every which way possible by a fraudulent criminal banking system happily assisted by spineless empty suited career politicians.

So thats a monumental F A I L for the fake Conservative/Liberal Lapdog Coalition Sellout Muppet party as they will not benefit society in any way whatsoever.These are also the types that right reports and calculate what various things add to society in terms of "Value".Everything is broken down and analysed to calculate its societal "Value" in terms that are financial.

So on that basis it would not be very difficult at all to reports several pages long or more that calculate and assess the societal financial value of the LibCON Coalition Muppet Party.

I dont bother focussing very much on the UK as i am resigned to the fact that its more or less a lost cause that is mostly inhabited by spineless cowardly Sheeple who just dont seem to care and willingly participate in the sham of a system.People who dont want or deserve to be free are not usually free.

I focus on the US instead its still a cause worth fighting for and the US people have much more fighting spirit in them as they also have a cause to fight for and thats where the action is and the US really is The Last Stand.

Sometimes i wonder exactly why it is i bother but if i didnt bother then there wouldnt be any point meanwhile the majority will continue in their own sweet way.

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