Friday, 25 February 2011

FEMA-Price IQ Evaluator/Decider:

Thats an example of black humor.

BTW thats "Black" as in dark humor not race based humor just in case there are any oversensitive reactionary PC types lurking around.

The Guillotines that are allegedly stored in Illinois/Montana are part of an unsubstantiated rumor as i have seen no real evidence of their existence from any source apart from online hearsay so who knows but i dont see that mass beheadings are the way to go but these days anything is possible.

The same with FEMA camps that are on the same lines as concentration camps.They are located by GPS positions apparently but for some odd reason there have been no pictures taken of them that have been uploaded online and since the locations are documented then why no pictures of them ??

Stadiums will double up as FEMA camps as in Katrina/New Orleans but i am not convinced that there is a network of FEMA concentration camps nor am i convinced there are FEMA railroad cars.

There just is not any info that confirms any of it and websearches just go nowhere or to the same old websites with the same old pictures and there is no mention of Google censoring any info or pictures regarding FEMA.

All you get are pictures like the above which are a joke as it looks home made.Laughable.DIY watchtowers.

I posted pictures of 3 years ago that were actually ariel photographs of camps/facilities in North Korea that passed off as US State Dept pictures.

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