Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The hijacked Tea Party love Donald Trump:

Its too early to pass judgement on this but i have reservations about it but i have never read anything detrimental about Donald Trump but i do know he is a major money launderer for the mob which is alright by me as it means that the main moneylaundering banks that are partly responsible for the criminality in the banking system arent getting their cut which is good news.

This may be why Donald trump is running as an independent as you cant launder cash for the mob and be a mainstream candidate as it doesnt work like that but at the same time he needs more investigation.

In any event the Tea Party has been hijacked by establishment Republicans and it wont be long before the Tea Party swears allegience to Israel as i think Sarah Pallin salutes the Israeli flag every day before working and their may be an Israeli flag in her office but its a shame that the Tea Party dupes dont realise they are being conned and are being led like children by Sarah Pallin who is the Pied Piper but the only problem is the Tea Party dupes dont disappear as they keep coming back and voting more establishment filth into office.

Anyone who votes for Sarah Palin does not have the required intelligence to be allowed to vote unless you think that Jesus used to ride Dinosaurs and i caqnt even count the intelligent things she has said on one finger but people are fixated with her and they will vote for her in 2012 and they will be Fucked Over by her just as sure as Eggs are Eggs.

At this rate there will be a revolution when there is an elected govt that is representative of the people and their nation.

Others say i should be more open minded about her instead of dismissive but they are so open minded that their brains fell out of their heads.

No matter how many times people support the political merry go round they never ever ever ever learn their lesson even after being thoroughly fucked over.Its absurd that people can be that stupid but either they are thgat stupid or they enjoy it and i think its both.

People always have to have some kind of well known figure like a celebrity to fixate upon where they become distracted and sidetracked by celebrity fixation rather than policy.

But then they laugh at the idea rather than thinking about it because lately Donald Trump has been speaking out about the state of the economy and where its going which is right mostly because he is not in the club and so therefore stands to lose a lot more financially but on the other hand he could simply be an opportunist.

I must admit i really dont know as i have never paid any real attention to Donald Trump but i recall he was well known in the 80s as a popular bigshot type and he seemd to epitomise 80s greed and consumption and ostentatiousness.

Just saying....

I said that just to point out that its a stupid thing to say because its obvious i am saying something but the "just" seems to trivialise what is being said or that it makes it sound like you are speaking out of turn.I dont really get it but its one of those verbal internet memes that seem to proliferate.

There are lots of others like :

"Amen brother"


"^^ This^^" which for some reason i find incredibly irritating and irritating in itself rather than irritating by repetition which roughly speaking doubles or triples the irritation factor and demonstrates a lack of originality and creative thought.

Anyway just sayin..........

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