Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Alex Jones:

I am getting a bit tired of a lot of the articles that are posted on PrisonPlanet because a lot of the articles are trivial and at the moment its all about polarised arguements for and against socialised healthcare and town hall meetings and that type of thing but a lot of the articles are twisted out of context to create a sensationalist news article that will appeal to the mindset of a lot of those who post on the forum.

Obamacare is being pushed because of the North American Union which is scheduled to merge in 2010 because the US healthcare is not presently socialised and it will be unable to cope with a mass influx of people from Mexico and Canada who do have socialised healthcare because it will cause chaos in the US.

This is why healthcare is socialised in the UK and the EU but unlike the Obama health/Deathcare Eugenic - Euthanasia programme you have a choice between private and socialised healthcare instead of being forced to use socialised healthcare because there is no alternative.

You might say its a good thing to have socialised health/death care programme but the reason it is being pushed is because of Nafta and the NAU but Obama promised to remove the US from Nafta yet now he is doing the exact opposite.

Just like the EUSSR you get it wether you like it or not.

The US is just being brought into line with the EUSSR and into the post-democratic era which is why the Globalists want to reshape the US into another superstate.

This is what is hardly ever talked about in town hall meetings.

Anyway its just becoming like any other media outlet that manipulates its readership with sensationalist reporting and not even its own reports either and even the commentry added by Paul Watson is just third rate.Its becoming like the FOX News of alternative media and i think Alex Jones is either stupid or being used or is under the influence of something because he is losing credibility very fast.

Its unproductive to play one side off against the other.

I want to hear Alex Jones start focusing on revoking power of attorney from the UK and US corporations and corporate law that has just imposed a collective multigenerational tax bill amounting to trillions on everyone after bailing out criminal financial institutions which effectivly means they will be given back 3 times what they were given for nothing in the first place.

Its utter complete fucking unacceptable bullshit.

Yet Alex Jones WILL NOT talk about RPOA and everytime the subject comes up he avoids it and changes the subject.

You can see this for yourself if you watch the Alex Jones TV interview with Brian Gerrish on Youtube as a good example.Brian Gerrish is well worth listening to by the way.

If Alex Jones wants to help everyone say fuck you to the Elites then it makes sense to get the message out to get people to RPOA from illegal Fascist unrepresentative federal Govt and its agencies and tell them to stick their trillion dollar tax bill.

WE have to pay more taxes to plug the holes in public spending because all the money has gone to Banksters so you are even worse off than just paying for bailouts and in return you get virtually nothing.

Stop paying them taxes and disregard their Fascist Police State Federal govt legislation because it will no longer apply as it has no basis in law as the constitution is the law.Govt legislation is not law.

The sooner everyone realises this and gets it into their stupid heads the better off they will be .

RPOA then they have no jurisdiction over you.

Its that easy as the system compells you to comply with it but it is ultimately unlawful.

Anyway he does a good job otherwise and it seems that whoever you talk to you find that everyone is just sick and tired of the system and it wont be very long before there will be a critical mass so i am optimistic about it.

A lot of people are in denial outwardly or just choose to keep quiet or simply dont understand what is going on but deep down they know that its all Bullshit and will realise it or stop denying it sooner or later.

The Elitist bilderbergers and their handlers are just stupid and arrogant and intoxicated with power and like i have said before they are becoming desperate and when people are desperate them they exercise poor judgement and are sloppy.

This is why i say leave them in a bit longer because they are starting to make very sloppy mistakes and are showing themselves up to be what i have always said that they are.

They are totally out of touch with reality.

All tyrants have their time at the top and then it all ends in tears for them and they all go down the same way and find themselves in front of a firing squad or hung upside down from lamposts.

Alex should focus a lot more on the UN and extraction from it and more importantly Agenda 21 and the fact that all this totalitarianism is coming out of the UN.Agenda 21 is expected to be fully implemented by 2015.Look it up yourself and look up the Agenda 21 US map and the Wildlands project.

This would be far more effective than waiving placards and shouting outside town hall meetings.

He is always talking about smashing the NWO and the international bankers etc but sticking up Obambi Joker posters isnt going to stop them .I found the poster funny but its a bit childish and pathetic and counterproductive because it just baits the Leftard Obambi fanbase because they see it as Racism .They are stupid and reactionary and are obsessed with PC and are Cult followers too stupid to know whats good for them and a poster campaign like the Obambi posters just deepens the divide and causes more infighting between the US citzens because it is not a persuasive way of getting the message across.It just antagonises the Obamanoids.I thought that they were funny but its a very provocative image and its not a clever tactic but having said that politiicians have always been lampooned and if Obama doesnt like it then he should just get the fuck out of politics altogether because it comes with the territory.

Infighting is exactly what those in power want.

Having said that the posters should have said Fascism instead of Socialism.

Alex Jones knowingly or not is using a divide and rule tactic.

The best way to get the message across is to tell the truth in a clear and concise way and present the facts that are irrefutable and how it affects everyone .Do it by talking and constructive dialogue.

Start talking about George Soros.

His joker video on Youtube is hilarious and all true but its not the best way to get the message across unless counter it with sommething more serious .

The fact is though is nearly all of the subject matter i write about and Alex Jones talks about is all true and its no longer conspiracy.Its all as clear as day unless you are in denial.

I just find it ironic that the party of tolerance and fairness that promotes diversity advocates Eugenics .

The Obama administration are Fascists and theres no question about it yet its dressed up and disguised in a sugary coating that appeals to the gullible and the easily led and the way i see its a deception and opportunism and an exploitation of people that are ground down by the system and are desperate .

They dont like being called Fascists because its true.

They try to kill free speech.

Its "uncivil" to compare the Democrats in Congress to Nazis or Fascists because it not politically correct.

Oh and if we do continue to do so then "we are on thin ice" !!!

They are on fucking "Thin ice" as well.

Also we "Should behave in the way our mothers taught us" or some such fucking bullshit like that.

These are their words that are straight out of the mouth of the Democrats spokesperson or press officer.

My Mum would say kick out and get rid of the Fascist Bloodsuckers in fact she has said so my Mum is proud of the fact i speak out against all this Tyranny.

I am not going to be treated like a child and do as i am told and volunteer myself to be injected with an H1N1 2009 vaccination and neither is anyone else in my family.


AAAAaaaaahh there there ...My heart bleeds for them....poor little darlings....

Fucking Hypocrites.

I could write a very very long list of things that they do to us that i find "Uncivil" but perhaps i might save that for another day.

Forcing legislation after legislation through Congress where the articles of legislation are not allowed to be read or debated is "Uncivil".

Exactly the same can be said of the EU and the UK.

The emporers new clothes are dirty and secondhand and there is nothing new with this bunch of elitist lying greedy amoral manipulative scum.

Its all a sham.

We will all see how it goes but i am pretty certain they will fail as there is so much heat on them now.

The US has been taken over by Globalist/UN/NWO Nutcases.

What a godawful mess this is.


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