Friday, 7 August 2009

How to clog up govt surveillance and monitoring and collection of internet traffic

Open 2 new free Email accounts.

Send a message from one of the accounts to the other.

Forward the email that you just sent from the first email account to the second account back to the first email account.

Send it backwards and forwards from one to the other all day or at least as many times as possible.

This results in thousands of non-emails that have been collected into a Govt collection/retrieval system.


Another tactic to use to avoid any Emails being collected is to open a free email account and compose and store your messages in the draft section .

Do Not send them anywhere.

Give everyone that you have chosen to have access to this Email account its security password so that they can access your messages and vice versa without them having to be sent anywhere.The drafts never get sent anywhere so they cant be collected.

Easy !!

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