Sunday, 2 August 2009

Genuine Obama birth certicate ?

Article :

[Jeff Rense is another possible Shill or govt agent or manipulator - beware]

This article was immediately posted on the Prison Planet website without the owner of the website [Alex Jones] doing his homework which is just more evidence that Alex Jones is promulgating disinfo as truth on his website and is a manipulator but luckily everyone sees through it all.

The new media term for those that are questioning the BO birth certificate issue is "Birthers".I didnt know WTF they were all talking about as it thought it was something to do with abortion.

This is a fake certificate and as far as i am concerned the case is closed as its irrelevent.Actually its not irrelevent but its *impossible* to prove because the agents of Bilderberg and George Soros and the CFR etc will have destroyed any evidence of his birth if it was outside of US soil and silenced anyone who knows something they would have been better off not knowing.The finest criminal minds on the planet have already taken care of business regarding this matter as they will have all angles covered as there is a lot of cash invested in this administration.

Its full of mistakes and Kenya didnt exist until 1964.

No one knows where this certificate came from as the source of the certificate "is in fear of losing their life" but whoever did is trying to stir up something here.

Its better that this matter is dropped because its getting in the way of other things and it just adds more fuel to those who want to argue about Racism in America .I was interested in this matter but it only as a matter of principle.

Nothing will come of this because if it was allowed to happen the US would be on fire but perhaps that is the idea and the BHO birth certificate issue is a dialectic ?

This matter should be dropped for the good if everyone and it should never have been allowed to get this far or even happen in the first place but the longer it goes on the messier it becomes .

The Bilderberg and the CFR and the Trilateral Commission have no African-Americans or anyone who is Black of any nationality as members of their committees and never have done so its not hard to see who the real Racists are.

Personally i have always been undecided about Obama.I was never taken in by him but i can never be sure if he really did have some very good intentions or not.Its possible that he did and he was genuine but as soon as he was elected he just became a frontman of what i always suspected would happen all along because it has to be said that his administration is a disaster and its only 8 months old.

I kind of feel sorry for him in a way i really do as i think that he has been used by the powerful forces that backed him and now he is just following orders and always was from day one and if he wanted to change politics for the better his hands are tied.I think he was young and idealistic and naive and is being set up for a fall and to take the flak for when things go badly wrong in the US which i am fairly certain they will.I think he didnt quite realise what he was getting involved in and he was/is hopelessly out of his depth.

BO has a very powerful power base that backed him that is part of a much bigger picture and BHO was just a means of getting the job done.

He was used because he is black or of mixed race as it was a way of collecting votes.

I have watched a couple of his televised political updates where he addresses the nation and there was a sadness in his eyes that was unmistakable and it was as if he knew that what he was saying was all lies but he is forced to go along with it.He had this slightly glazed look in his eyes as if he could heve welled up in tears.

Perhaps i am mistaken but thats what it looked like.

He probably had big dreams and big ideas but he will take the blame for communising the US.

This might mean he realises that he was set up.

I still stand by all my previous comments regarding BO but they were never because i am Rascist as i am not as it was more like a criticism of the personality cult that he generated and meet the new boss - the same as the old boss not to mention my dislike of far left politics.

The whole thing is a deception and anyone who is still clinging onto the idea that the political system is working for them and looking after their interests must be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Joe Biden is history and is irrelevent but if something goes wrong with Obama then its more than likely Hillary Clinton will take over as US president because she is a member of the Clinton/Bush axis of evil who seem to have a rotating monopoly of US politics.

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