Sunday, 2 August 2009

Is Alex Jones a govt Shill ?


Everyone join Alex Jones fake revolution !!

I have a very strong suspicion that Alex Jones is some kind of govt agent.He is at the very least sanctioned by Govt and most probably at least partly funded by them.

Alex jones is famous for the Prison Planet website and Endgame film plus his talk radio shows.

Alex Jones is a very vocal activist against the NWO and that type of thing.He is not a disinfo agent as a lot of his info is correct as far as i know but i have reason to believe that his mission objective is to incite and cultivate a resistance movt that is against govt and his forum is like a recruiting station for disaffected UK/US citzens which in turns serves as a kind of intelligence gathering device for the DHS.

Time and time and time again he offers up no solutions to what is going on but instead its just a rolling kind of propaganda machine not to mention the poorly written articles by Paul Watson and Kurt Nimmo.

Time and time again i have listened to his near hysterical rants and it does come across as if he is trying to incite violence from among his "followers".

Alex Jones is an Ego-Maniac and a Fraud.

Alex Jones censors and removes comments on the Prison planet forum if you say something too contentious on there like i just did and i have only posted on there half a dozen times.

It must have been something i said.

How come Alex Jones doesnt end up on a No-Fly list ?

How come Alex Jones never /ever seems to offer a positive solution to ANYTHING ??

Staged arrests by US/Canadian Customs etc ?

Its not exactly easy to organise a staged arrest unless you have the right kind of connections.

Time and time again he ignores solutions like revoking power of attorney from UK/US plc as a way of fighting back.

This is the perfect solution yet he never speaks about it because he is more interested in whipping up hysteria and ultimately Nihilism and violent conflict .

Its a Psy-Ops operation and he is a Govt agent who is bought and paid off and i believe that he is leading gullible people astray and he is ultimately trying to set up the patriot movement for a fall.

Alex Jones is a front for the CIA and his objective is to create a false resistance movement to make it easy for The DHS or whoever to round up potential dissidents plus its also an effective way of monitoring and controlling political opposition.

Its simple psychology and exactly what i would expect.

"The Truth Will Set You Free"

"There Is War On For Your Mind"

There certainly is and Alex wants to win your mind.

Theres other stuff that i dont want to publish but he must think that everyone is a fucking idiot but i see right through it as his website has Psy-Ops/MK Ultra written all over it.

Alex Jones = A Sellout Useful Idiot.

I smell a Rat as usual.

"Get your Alex Jones ringtone !!"

FFS.Its pathetic.

The majority of those who post on the Prison Planet forum are illiterate uneducated pureile Idiots [not exactly true so ignore that comment] but Alex Jones doesnt give a shit yet he deletes comments that actually say something.The idiots on there post all kinds of info about their intentions but they dont even realise that they are being watched.How many of them have read and understood Sun Tzus Art of War for example ?

In it for the money.

Nothing is what it seems so be very cautious about accepting things at face value.


  1. R U Jealous or a SHILL? Seriously, I listen to Jones sometimes and HE DOES OFFER SOLUTIONS. He does promote ACTIVISM. He also IS PART OF THE SOLUTIONS. Don't blame him the gov. CAN NO LEGALLY keep a record of which IP ADDRESSES every IP ADDRESS had CONTACTED (I don't think there is a time limit for rec. storage but there may be). The TERROR-LAWS allow the FBI/CIA etc ACCESS to ALL of Jones' records. Even your record of which IP adresss sent you this note!! Jones' has been raided for INFO like this after shootings etc. It's not called an INFOWAR for nothing - FIGHT with GOOD INFO!!

  2. Okay, the problem is when anything negative is said about Alex Jones someone, like above, comes rushing in to defend him.

    It is known to everyone that is not a 'fan' of Alex that his rants do go over board and some seem to be there just to incite fear, another thing is that some info he has is not entirely accurate.

    I personally do not know if he is a 'shill' or not there IS some evidence to suggest the possiblilty of that and that is why people are investigating it.

    We do not wish to swap blindly following one person to... blindly following another person.

    Questions should and will be asked.

    Note that I'm not saying everything he does is wrong, he provides some good information and gets the message out there.

    But remember to do your own work, your own research first, the war begins with you and correcting the behaviour patterns that have been inserted in to our daily lifes.

    Thank you for reading and I'll finish with a quote from Ghandi which I like:

    "Be the change you want to see in the world"

    Thanks for reading. Peace and Love.

  3. I think you have hit the nail on the head with your comment.

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  5. Alex Jones is indeed an ego maniac. And the "activism" solution is not a solution. Informing people of injustices in the world society only causes people to allow their fear to get the best of them. Waking people up and spreading information is not a solution. Non-violence is the solution.

    Alex Jones wants violence and if he didn't, he'd start teaching people that all the answers to all the problems in this world can be found in the KJV bible. The reason that the true "truth" (which is in the KJV bible) is the only solution is because it doesn't matter how many illuminati people you can expose because in the end it is Satan that influences the evil in this world.

    Evil in our world has not won eterally but only in a secular sense. It is when we comprimise and give into evil under the disquise that we are fighting evil that we lose hold of the truth.

    THE NWO CANNOT BE DEFEATED OR STOPPED; WE MUST ACCEPT THAT WE LIVE IN A WORLD FULL OF EVIL AND THE TIME HAS COME DIE FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE IN. ANYONE WHO KILLS FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN IS THE ENEMY OF TRUTH. DYING IS OK, KILLING IS NOT. Alex Jones uses people's fear of the truth in order to cause them to be more likely to do that which causes even more evil in the world.

    The end of the world has come and we must all make the decision if we are willing to die for what we believe in or kill for what we believe in. Sadly those who are ruled by the fear that Alex pushes our will be more likely to choose to kill for what they believe in. As if they think they are defending "America" which is a nation that deserves to be destroyed by God and will be destroyed (in due time according to God's perfect plan).

    Don't try to save America or the Republic and don't ever harm anyone else. Be an observer of what happens in our world and after you have died to your flesh, you'll be glad you didn't try to fight the futile battle against Satan's endless mind-controlled slaves (Alex Jones included).

    Alex Jones is nothing more than an egomaniac that lacks any real understanding of how to defeat injustice. Alex Jones is a strong runner up for a very great false prophet. Think of all the times he's lied and claimed they would defeat the NWO, I dont know about others but in the truth that I read I'm told that Satan is gonna rule the entire world for a short space like a false god with people willing to take his mark and worship him.

    Let all the "christians" who believe Alex's false prophecies follow Alex Jones into the pit where they belong, lest they repent and learn to love their enemies and turn their cheek when the time comes.

  6. Well said....
    I really like listening to Jesse Woodrow. The nwo excites him. It doesn't scare him or make him angry, it lets him know that everything that is happening is one step closer to the 2nd coming. It reitterates how ALIVE the bible is, which is comforting to believers.

  7. Aj is a shill agree totally, he never offers sollutions to shit, he endorsed pat buchanon, any man that does that is a shill end of story, and you where bang on about the ego maniac bit. It's good some people still have a brain in this world great post.

  8. Alex has alot of Jewish friends so i hear (the products he sells on his site, the "we are changers, the media networks). If you mention this on his site or on a call on the radioshow they delete your post or he hangs up on you and diverts attention away from your statement into a racism issue when all you were doing was MAKING A POINT.

    Apparently he works for the Zionists, he never mentions them on his show (are they not up on that pyramid?!!!). He also doesn't get into the vatican topics when it comes to the pyramid power. He diverts attention away from the top of the pyramid.

    No doubt he does doublespeak himself while accusing others of it.

    i think i am finished with this post now.
    later, take care...

  9. I concur.  Alex Jones has some mental health issues. Read about them here: