Friday, 7 August 2009

Proof of Internet Censorship on the Prison planet forum:

Notice the difference in these 3 screenshots.

Notice that the second screenshot includes my comment at the foot of the page.

Notice the third screenshot where my comment has been deleted and in its place another automated or promotional post in house uploaded comment appears after the comment previous to mine .

Notice how it was posted 3 minutes earlier than mine when its clear in the screenshot that this post was not present on the screen when i uploaded my comment.

What this does is it negates the fact that my comment ever existed.

The comment you see posted in the first screenshot was really just posted to demonstrate the deleting of comments by a moderator.I had already uploaded 3 previous comments that were a couple of short paragraphs each about the exact same subject and one comment didnt upload at all and 2 others were deleted within 2 to 3 minutes of them being posted exactly as you see in the screenshot.

Unfortunately i didnt have the presence of mind to screenshot those.

The comments disappear immediately after posting them when i refresh the page.

I have noticed 3 different things that happen when i upload these comments or refresh the page and i am starting to see a pattern emerging here.

Now lets try again :

Take a look at the first screenshot that is the top of the page that was posted 32 minutes later.

The exact same thing has happened as previously.

No free speech on the Alex Jones Prison planet forum which is a gross hypocrisy to say the least.

I will add my comment later today as to why i think that this is happening.Its not the first time either as it has happened on other threads and this is exactly the reason that i think that there is more to this forum and website than is apparent to the eye.

This used to be a good website and forum but recently it has become corrupted and compromised and i dont feel that Alex Jones is being completely honest and unbiased here.

This is not arbitary censorship as its censorship for a very specific reason and i see right through this bullshit .

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