Friday, 7 August 2009

Goodbye News International !!:

Here is the beginning of the end of this wrinkled POS that looks like a Raisin that has been soaked in water.

He wants to charge for his junk media that is posted online because his empire is crumbling and losing money as fast as the Govt is giving it away to banksters.This will drive more people towards independent and free media and blogs available online.

Fuck him and his infotainment shitrags as his days are numbered and he should really just pack up and go home and admit defeat .

I dont know what is keeping these fossils alive but death comes to everyone eventually.

Perhaps he has been injected with Formeldahyde.

Hurry up and die you stupid old irrelevent shithead as we are getting impatient !

Let him spend the rest of his days sucking another prison inmates Cock in the showers.

Article including hilarious comments :

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