Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Neurolinguistically-programmed-Communist-Weirdo-Zombie-Alert ! :

Common [Communist] Purpose [Tavistock Institute] Propaganda video :


I feel a bit weird after watching that .

From what i know this organisation that has subverted the UK from within courtesy of New Liebour is being monitored and has spies that have infiltrated its ranks.

Its days are numbered apparently.

Kick out and try the Communist Shills for Treason.

This organisation is actively spying for the EU and info on the UK is being forwarded to intelligence services in the EU on a daily basis.

Theres going to be some action on this front i know that much but i am not at liberty to say any more about it.

Lt.Col Peter Cross featured in the video] has some explaining to do unless he was duped into joining this organisation and is unaware of its treasonous activities.

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