Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The revolution has begun :

I thinks its pretty much accepted that the revolution against the NWO globalist Satanist elitists and big govt has begun as their plans have been derailed ......

No Fascism for us thank you.

Everything is going according to plan so far and i love it when a plan comes together.

This is the kind of change that i really can believe in.

HOPE'09 !



Heres some slogans for the opposition :





This is right across the board and the people are uniting together and we wont be manipulated to fight each other anymore.

Its time to reinstate proper democratic representative govt by the people for the people and its time to get rid of the two headed one party state and its time for some role reversal for the political class so that they work for us and do what we say and not the other way around.

This will of course spread to the the EU including the UK.The same thing applies and it will be a good opportunity to reform the EU and scrap the Lisbon Treaty and reinstate the autonomy of each member state.The EU doesnt need to be scrapped as there is nothing wrong with it as a trading bloc that allows for integration and all the rest of but its a definate NO THANKS to a centralised soviet style totalitarian govt thanks very much.Something along the lines of EFTA

New Labour and Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have some serious explaining to do when the time comes and not forgetting Common Purpose of course.Charges of Treason plus many other things will be what they will be answering to.

NO Lisbon treaty.

Its the internet that has made all this possible and it proves that once the message gets out there it reaches a certain point and it spreads expotentially.

What a complete disaster the Swine Flu turned out to be !!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!

I am actually surprised at the speed of which this is happening and if its spreading through the civilian populace then it is going to be spreading through the military and law enforcement as well because if they jump onboard as well then its as good as over as the more of them that switch sides it means that the whole thing will be resolved peacefully so we can all get on with our lives.

The only potential problem as far as the US is concerned is a mass influx of foreign/UN/Chinese military being deployed to restore "political stability" and i think this is a strong possibility and perfectly plausable.

Its not possible if the military refuse too take orders off the illegal unconstitutional federal Govt in which case it might be a good idea for any incursions from outside forces to be called off.what will also happen is that any foreign military forces that are presently based on US soil will be asked to leave by a certain date unless there is a specific reason for them to be there.

Goodbye Rothschilds and Rockefellers and all the rest of them.

People are sick and tired of lying power grabbing politicians.

People are tired of their money being thrown at Banksters while they go without.

People are sick of being taxed to death.

People are sick of money and jobs going abroad while they lose their jobs and have their homes forclosed on by criminal banking institutions.

People are sick and tired of not being listened to and treated with contempt.

People are sick and tired of being treated as nothing more than Cattle and slaves by Globalist Elitists.

People are sick of taxation without representation.

People are sick and tired of endless war and bloodshed.

People are not going to stand for being told to reduce their carbon emissions because of spurious science and Al Gores taxation revenue collection AGW scam while out of touch Elitist democrat politicians fly around in private jet aircraft that are chartered and paid for by taxpayers.

People are sick of being locked into the repetitive left/right political merry go round that never ends while just getting the Govt everytime they vote.

People are sick and tired of voting for paid off puppet politicians that work for shadow Govt like the CFR.

People are sick and tired of being defrauded by govt and paying for their excesses.

People are not going to stand for enforced H1N1 2009 vaccinations being forced on them or their children especially since Baxter and Gilead[Tony Blair is a major stakeholder in Gilead] etc have been granted immunity from any future class actions resulting from adverse side effects.

People are not going to "eat cake" and be force fed Monsanto GM filth and have the food chain regulated by the UN and they are not going to let it be owned wholesale by Monsanto.

People are not going to stand for a healthcare plan that practices Eugenics and soft-kill health policies because of costcutting and neither are they going to stand for Govt healthcare plans forced through by politicians who are in cahoots with pharmaceutical drug barons that deny the patient any choice in the treatment they receive.

Their plans for world domination have failed.

We want these people arrested and their assets and money seized and we want them stood in front of a court of law where they will be tried for crimes against humanity and the planet as a whole.

They might all go running to their underground bunker underneath Denver Airport which doubles up as their base of operations.

The Queen of England has been very busy buying up land and property in the Denver airport area under pseudonyms and various property investment companies that she owns.Since she is one of the biggest landowners on the planet this may or may not be coincidence.Personally i think its no coincidence.

Since the area will most probably have been evacuated by civilian personel it might be an idea to make this particular installation the target of half a dozen nuclear Bunker-Buster bombs to close them in there permanently.

They like being underground so let them end their lives there.

They are starting to understand what it feels like to fear us.

Goodbye NWO.

I wonder what is on the menu for 11/09/09 ?

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