Monday, 17 August 2009

How to bailout the Derivatives bubble :

The notional value of the Derivates bubble that has been created and inflated artificially because of the Bankster Mafioso Bilderbergers Elitist Cocksuckers monopoly of the banking/financial sector is approx 700 Trillion USD +.

So if you wanted to crash the economy and shovel more worthless Fiat currency at the Banking and Investment institutions and charge it to the taxpayer you would need to crash the economy another 58 times to flush away all those wildly overinflated toxic derivatives.

190,000 USD for every person on the planet.

Fuck the international banking cartel.

Let them pay for it as after all they have got enough money to pay for it themselves.

Its got fuck all to do with me as i havent invested in Derivatives so there is no way i am paying to bail that out as i never got anything from the profits made from buying and selling them.

It cant be paid off by anyone anyway as the total value of the worlds real estate only comes to 50 trillion USD.

Writing it all off might be the best option but anyone who has got investments in derivatives when the bubble bursts is going to get their fingers burnt.

Its no coincidence that the Bankster bailouts coincided with an election campaign which is when a country is at its weakest when everything is in disarray making it easier to pass legislation.

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