Sunday, 25 May 2008

Macmail = Bollox

Yet another add on to an existing mail account that just will not work no matter what.

WTF is it was all this rubbish ?

So i go to Macmail to set up and *pay* for an account and they are not accepting new members because of whatever.

"We are not accepting new members at present"

So its not enough to have spent 700 quid on a computer and i then have to FUCK about with all this SHIT ?

Well no thanks Mac.Mail ,so before i get sucked into another black hole where time disappears i have a better idea

Why dont you go Fuck yourselves instead ?

And whats more i do not know any Mac users who use this facility.

Not fucking one of them.


Fuck off

Goodbye and out of my applications folder into the fucking trash can you go.

Good fucking riddance.

BANG CRASSSHHH BANG *@@$!! !!@$$**** ****!@@!!@!@****


The thing is the individual/ company who wishes to be contacted by Email and uses Macmail labours under the stupid assumption that everyone else does as well.Well i dont and so i cannot contact them by Email at alland i have come across this lots of times.They must be missing out on lots of Emails and why cant i just send them an email.Its quite simple .I dont want to join anything or sign up to anything to do so.

I - just - want - to - send - a - fucking - e - fucking - mail.

Thats all.I dont want to open an account or sign up to Facebook Brighton/Hove why would i want to social network in Brighton ?

Maybe i do but not to meet Bimbos ,clubbers,geezers, or Angie who likes quickies or one night stands or "doin it in public" ,fucking slappers and prostitutes or drug dealers or any other sad fucker who seems to want to draw attention to themselves or be desperate to make "friends" .I do not want to be friends with you .Why should i ? What single fucking reason would i want to waste time talking or "chatting" to any of these people ?

"Salmas" HOT PIX HOT PIX HOT PIX HOT PIX . Not interested thanx.

Fatboy Slim wont be changing his name !!!"

Fatboy Knobhead slim makes an "announcement " that he wont be changing his name !!!

Fatboy Knobhead Slim makes an "announcement" that he had a bowl of Cornflakes this morning for Breakfast.

Fatboy Knobhead Dont tell anyone my real name is Quentin Slim makes an "announcement" that he is available as a DJ for hire for weddings,parties,barmitvahs,letter openings,anything...

Anyone who smokes a cigarette in such a contrived studied way as if they have been practising in the mirror is a sad case in my opinion.

Come to think of it his whole musical career has been shit if you consider The Housemartins who were to all intents and purposes a third rate indie?Smiths type band that no one remembers yet everyone remembers The Smiths.

I would dare to suggest that it was the disproportionate/talent/ability between the two bands that is the cause of this .

Well fuck me thats a relief then not that i am interested in anything that self important self congragulating fucking Prick does anyway.I dont care.Fatboy "Quentin" Boy Slim is a has - been beyond the boundries of brighton and HOve anyway.

He has however formed a "supergroup "called Brighton Port Authority .

I wonder who the other has-beens in the group are ?

I am surprised he gets the time as his diary must be full of resteraunt/gallery openings plus various Letter - opening events.

Oh look another new post on the Facebook Brighton page :

ASh says : Angie dirty would anyone!!!Lol


It actually gets worse believe it or not as "Lizzie" has just posted.

She is getting all excited about McDonalds "Just hada glimpse of the brand spanking new western road Mcdonalds"

"Check it out 2 moro [n] "

"Julia" writes "boo"

Fucking load of semi literate chav retard monkeys

Now to me bollox like this and things that just wont work are just about *the* most annoying thing on the planet apart from the odd gaming momnent where several controllers have bitten the dust.People can be annoying but not nearly as much .

Things like this though just make me irate and feel like smashing things up and go into KILL mode.It makes the dial on my forehead go up to 4.

And no not Facebook please no please .People and their fucking Facebook profiles that i cant browse because i am not a member.I do not want to join Facebook .Why the fuck should i just to browse ?

Fuck off the lot of you pleasebefore i really fucking lose it .

Its actually amazing how effective it is being able to articulate my anger in a post .It really works

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