Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Voluntary work :

I am doing voluntary work at the basement annexe of the Regency town house.This involves reinstating the missing section of the paved courtyard with reclaimed yorkstone slabs that were reclaimed and given to us by Brighton College.These were missing because fuckwits in the past [1907 i think] ripped them up when they were required to improve the sanitation and lay new drains.In the process they destroyed all the old drains and culverts as people always do with old stuff.The slabs have to be laid and levelled individually as they are irregular thicknesses etc and not like what you buy from the garden centre.

The thing is there is a total lack of funding to pay for work to restore the place and turn it into a heritage centre that will train and educate others in local history and building conservation and things like that.

50,000 would do it.We could do an awful lot with 50,000 quid.

I think it is very unreasonable to have to find this money from private sources when i dont see why Brighton council couldnt find 50,000 to invest in it for something that would benefit the entire community and train craftspeople in building conservation and do a lot for the local tourism industry.

So here we are doing it for free.Theres myself ,the curator,and neil the plasterer and whats more all 3 of us are feeling the pinch financially myself being the worst off at least until July [hopefully].Projects keep stalling at the moment and i find myself scratching around for work.Its going to be bank of mum and dad for me if i am not careful and i need to make some money.I only need 10,000 in the interim and other parents give their kids far far more than that so i dont feel bad asking.I have got to cost to the penny a building project that is doing nothing at the moment.Just sitting there.If i do it right and cost it right and get a very clever architects scheme then i am certain that there is 250,000 in it to be made.Then i would happily give away 50,000 of it to the Regency Town House project as a way of avoiding paying tax on it but i think it falls short of the criteria for having to pay capital gains tax anyway.The buyer would have to pay stamp duty themselves as if they can afford to buy a house worth over half a million then they can afford stamp duty.

This project really is unique and could be one of the most interesting homes in Brighton.

I have to cost it out ,get planning approval in principle that i know i will get anyway and get a feel for what the market is and sell the idea to my dad and get on with it as it may be the last project that we ever work on together.

Fuck the property market and the credit crunch.Good properties always sell especially if they are unique.Its all the overpriced boring dross on the market that wont sell.There is a glut of it plus the glut of Buy to Let properties here and i have to say i am shocked at the price of rents in this town.Everyone stops spending as a knee jerk reaction to what the media tells them.I personally couldnt give a fuck and i just carry on.People and the banking system and their collective greed have bought it on themselves anyway.Its all a house of cards and a mickey mouse economy and banks should just wipe the interest or the debt or at least some of it as they are underwritten to cover themselves for bad debt anyway.

Back to the funding issue :Its partly because of the policies of the left wing labour council who wont invest money in things like this as its all about things that are old instead of new and Labour have a very poor track record of investing in Heritage projects partly due to the fact they have been infiltrated by common Purpose[who hasnt?] rather like the Heritage Lottery Fund.They are4 all into modernisation and doing away with the past which is typical of their ilk.


They would rather invest public money into quangos and studies and comittees and sit and yak all day about Modernisation and their favourite pet subject "Diversity".

"Is there enough Diversity in Brighton ?"

Oh shut the fuck up.

Who gives a fuck ?

Go back to Fucking sleep.

And isnt it funny that where you find those who preach "Diversity" there is usually a lack of it ?

Fucking Load of Cunts.

Instead we get god knows how much money spent on the Brighton Festival which is on the whole as far as i am concerned a load of pretentious twaddle that i never participate in apart from looking at some very nice paintings by local artists.

"What paintings on canvasses that you hang on the wall ? How old fashioned!!" A bit like paying with cash in shops instead of waiting an eternity for someone else to pay with a silly plastic card.

Shame on the council who neglects its own built enviroment and heritage which is the main reason why tourists comre to Brighton in the first place to see the World famoused [fucked up and becoming even more so] Regency Architecture.

Brighton is already listed as a fucked town anyway in reference to its built architecture.

All we want to do is improve it and educate and all the rest of it.The basement annexe is the only complete below stairs enviroment [servants quarters] in the south east and quite possibly much further afield and we were very very very lucky to aquire it in the first place.It was bought off a property developer who could easily have told us to fuck off if they werent sympathetic.I would still work on a reduced rate if we could get funding and even do it for free.

At the moment the other 2 are getting a bit disillusioned with it all as nothing gets done and the place sits unused and sad and deteriorates.

Fucking absolute load of Cunts this government are.As bad as tories if not a lot lot worse.Tories wouldnt have sold us out to Europe [at least not all of them] and they always seem to be able to find money to fund the war effort.

There are heritage projects all over the country that need funding that would enhance the enviroment and the community and provide jobs and training for todays dispossesed youngsters where they could learn very valuable skills instead of going on the dole or going to university to get a mickey mouse degree and get into debt.A lot of these projects are in areas where there already is an employment problem.

Like Neil said if we filled the basement annexe with Queers or Immigrants or a Diversity study centre or any of that other rubbish that the PC brigade get off on then we would get money thrown at us left right and centre.


I dont know why the fuck i bother.

Well actually i do know why the fuck i bother but anyway if i/we didnt bother nothing would get done.

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