Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Nearly forgot this :

At the little cafe at Dungeness there was one of those Slush Puppie things that dispenses the Slush Puppie and keeps it stirred.There were 2 varieties,One being bright red in colour ,the other being what looked like flurescent green.I was wondering if the flurescent green variety contained Uranium.It certainly looked like it did as the colour was right but it was daylight so it was not possible to tell nor was there an available UV light.

I will have to ask my Dad about that as it might be a cheap way of disposing of nucleur waste from the power station:Sell it to the public ! Brilliant !

I was going to have a swim in "The Boil" but you have to swim out to it first and the water around it was bloody freezing and there was a breeze which was stirring up all the sand from the sandbank and i wont swim in brown water as its horrible.Out of choice i only swim in clear water.

Going back to the houses i would love to have a little retreat there as i love places that are in exposed places or exposed to the elements.I would love to be sitting in their scribbling away with wind and rain lashing against the windows.The house wouldnt blow away as you build on a concrete base and tie the building to the concrete as you cant build on shingle otherwise.I also love Derek Jarmans garden with its indigenous plant life and little Henges that are made of large pebbles with bits of driftwood and detritus collected off the beach.


Derek Jarman is dead now but the house and gardens are cared for and maintained.

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