Wednesday, 14 May 2008


I went back to look at my old house yesterday and found everything has changed.The Care Home [Fleur De Lyse] has upped sticks and moved elsewhere and the house has been bought and is being turned back into a single dwelling.No problem with that.

In the lower centre of the picture is a rectangular piece of disturbed ground that was a bone of contention for years.Its finally been built on.I couldnt believe it when i saw it as the new build looked incongrous and out of place.I didnt want to wander down there but the house is some 3 story house with a very high pitched slate roof .I dont know if it has ruined next door but i was a bit disturbed to see it.The side driveway has gone and been re-absorbed back into next doors garden.

I have fantasies about moving back there one day and i just hope that the new build hasnt ruined it but every available spare bit of land or garden has been taken by developers doing garden grabs and cashing in that it just pisses me off to see it TBH.I have never seen a house with such a high pitch on it ever.I dint like the look of it at all and it would have looked better with a red clay tiled roof like the adjacent property instead of black roofslates and it also doesnt have a garden as there was no space.

Anyway the woods *cannot* be developed *ever* as they are protected and held by a trust.

And its a fucksight better than anywhere in Brighton or even that overpriced pile of shite called Sandbanks in Poole in Dorset.All you do is sell the place to some idiot with too much money [i dont equate how much money someone has with intelligence] anmd they pay 10 million for a house.Rubbish place.

"Darling ! its an enclave !"

Too much money just gets vulgar and a shrine to vulgarity like parts of Los Angeles.

"OOOOhhhhh GET HER !! Better new money than no money ! Thats what i always say!! "

[in my best possible camp voice ]

" ERE Vats a bit convincin ! You sure your not queer ? "

OOOhhh Dont You Start !

NAAh not really just avin a laugh.I wasnt last time i ad a look anyway.

Thats reassuring to know.My mum and dad are still in contact with the others who lived there and managed the woods but a lot of them are getting elderly and are starting to die off one by one as i keep being told about them all and we were supposed to visit them but it keeps getting delayed and soon there wont be any left as i used to know all these people and work in the woods with them.

I dont know how much longer i can hack Brighton .Its a dirty horrible overpriced fucked town and like my Dad says its ruined by the people that visit and live here [nearly anyway !!].

In the same way that Steve Hackett couldnt Hackett and left Genesis.

If i had the money i could have bought that house back for the price of a flat in Brighton and i dont know of a house in Brighton that is better or in a better situation.It was a bummer coming back here yesterday TBH especially driving down the dirty shithole slum thats called the Lewes Road.Like the Elephant and Castle they can stick it up their arsehole.Whenever i get back to Brighton i always say "Back to Idiot Town" as it hits you in the face.If and when i feel the need to look for a female partner Brighton is the last place i would consider looking *ever*.I would go to Lewes as there is a much better class of girls to be found there.This place is the worst place i have ever been to or lived in as regard to women and i wouldnt want to go beneath myself and entertain some sour faced vacuous female who is just on the take.I walk past them all the time and i cant stand the sight of them.Awful and i wouldnt give any of them the time of day and they couldnt afford it anyway as i believe in equality but you wont get any of them paying with their own money.Never.

They can all just fuck off for all i care as i would rather stay single TBH.

Apologies but i am a snob and i dont do trash.

And as soon as i am back and stop at the crossing [as i was in a friends car] some tattooed shaven headed PLEB with tattoos pushing his offspring [that these types insist on inflicting on humanity] in a pram[always a fucking pram] starts shouting and being aggressive and verbally abusive [c*** etc] in front of his kid as well because the wheel of the car was on the white line of the crossing!!!!

WTF !!!????

"THERES THE LINE YOU F**** etc etc etc heard it all before blah di blah etc anyway so fucking what ? Honestly i just laughed at him as he was going "KAHM ON VEN !!?? KAHM ON VEN !!!" like a parrot with his predictable pathetic male posturing.Absolutly pathetic. [I seem to collect them] and thats why i dont go out much in Brighton [out of choice] and i was talking to my mum on the telephone and said i was going oout later and she said "Dont !! You will only end up fighting with some Maniac !! " which is why i didnt get out of the car on sunday .

Anyway i have bigger fish to fry and i am not interested at all so he should go and transfer his negative shit elsewhere and i hope he doesnt enjoy either being himself or the rest of his miserable existence.

Welcome to Brighton !!

Dread Man , truly Dread.

Its just a place to live as i dont care about it or have any interest in it anymore as its fucked and is to a large extent a victim of its own success.Its a shallow media driven place and its always being publicised in weekend fucking broadsheets.

Filthy place.

They all have a bit of money but no class.I would rather spend more time in London where you get the real thing instead of fake Wannabees.

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