Monday, 12 May 2008

This lovely old bottle is what i gave up going to Bristol for.What a beauty as well.This is literally a once in a lifetime find that i got on Ebay.It was found behind a wall in an old house in Plymouth and was an isolated find unfortunately.It dates from around 1800.I cant tell the condition of the glass but the top of the bottle has been rubbed clean and is shiny so i doubt the glass has been attacked by burial in soil.It does unfortunately have a large hole in its side [not shown] which can be restored professionally using coloured resin which will be virtually undetectable unless under close examination.Its standard procedure with very very rare damaged items.

If it was undamaged then it would have cost 1250 instead of 125 possibly even more as a matching pair sold for 3500 quid.

It was a calculated risk that the bottle would sell for what it sold and not reach the middle hundreds in price and i was very surprised it didnt.I sniped this item at the last 3 minutes like i always do but it was so easy as everyone else seemed to be asleep !

There are only a handful of these bottles in existence and they are in very well known collectors collections.

The seller said they would have another look for the missing bits as they are probably still there somewhere.

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