Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Famous quote :

"One of the penalties for not taking an interest in Politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors"

Plato -

4000 BC.

There you have it in a nutshell.

But in the meantime carry on stuffing your faces, watching Eastenders,going shopping,and watching ITN News , and all the rest of it.

But someone has to pay attention to what is going on and first thing to do is tell the truth.Whats more amazing is that believe iot or not people will listen and take notice of what is being told to them.This is what i found over on Liveleak when i commented on a "Have your say" Video after an initial ly not very good reaction .The author of the videa on Muslim Fudamentalism first of all disagreed with what i was saying and various insults were thrown around.I could see his point and he was partly right but only partly as its part of a larger problem that involves many different things so i explained the bigger picture and he got it !!

Amazing !!

I only deal in facts and hopefully my posts have altered someones world view and however many others are reading.

I only deal in facts as you cant be attacked for stating facts as a fact is irrefutable.It cannot be criticised.

Its a bit more difficult to do this with some of the mentally retarded americans that i have come across on the same comments page for the video.There is no excuse for that sort of ignorance , not if you have computer/internet access as all the information is there and you have the critical thinking part of your brain functioning.

You cannot tell a bush supporter anything.They just wont have it.None of it.They just disregard it.

Whats even more stupid is that they call themselves Patriots.

Yet they have not an iota of a fucking clue what is going on in their own country.

"Support Bush and stamp out the evil Muslims and fight for Democracy!"

What Democracy ?

Do they inhabit some other alternate reality that i have somehow become connected to via the Internet?

What the fuck are they talking about ?

Their idea of Patriotism is waving a flag around ,lapping up bullshit media and TV that they are fed on a daily basis and "Supporting your President".

This seems to be about it.

Fucking brain dead morons.

Not forgetting the odd right wing white supremacist who said "We need another crusade to wipe out the Muslim Pigs !"

I told him to either sign up and go and fight in the "Crusade" or else shut the fuck up.

It was just some shaven headed fucking Prick with a Swastika across his Chest.

They make me embaressed to be Human [nearly ];)

He didnt even know what NAFTA is.I know more about their country than they do and i dont even live there.

Have they heard of Fema ?

NO course they havent.

So i posted all the relevant Fema Exceutive Orders to them that are online which they are too fucking lazy and stupid to look up for themselves.

Well i presume they can read and have read them but they probably wont understand them anyway even though i am not a Lawyer yet i can understand legal terminolgy and jargon and all the rest of it.

It isnt difficult.

Last of all its a common misconception that all Americans are stupid.

Not true in the same sense that not all Muslims are Rabid Fundamentalists.

Anyway the campaign will continue as revolutions start from the ground upwards by networking and exchanging views and solutions and educating those who are dont know what is going on.

Information is Knowledge - Knowledge is power.

However you can lead a horse to water but you cant force it to drink.Others may say otherwise but its not my style.

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