Wednesday, 7 May 2008

News just in !!!!

I have no way of determining if this is fact or fiction but as i err on the side of caution i would say it is more likely to be true rather than fiction.

Anyway after Hurricane Katrina , remember that ? That was when the bush adminstration were rather slow to act in helping those afflicted as they were not Bush supporters.

However the bush administration ,never ones to miss an opportunity to make money no matter how amoral decided to contract out removal of Gold fillings from the teeth of the dead just like Nazis.This was contracted out to Halliburton .What a surprise.Halliburton are an extension and a private enterprise subsidary of the federal government.Halliburton are also contracted out to supply the military in Iraq and provide other logistical support as well like flying the dead bodies of service personel from Iraq.

Various prominent Neocons have their fingers in many pies.Halliburton and Brown and Root being the most profitable .

How Ironic and they probably make money out of that as well.

Those who start the war profit most out of it ?

What a surprise but not really as war is an industry the same as any other.

I could go on but i wont but thats pretty awful really if its true.

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