Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Whats this then ? or alternativly i am [not] a Nazi or SEIG HEIL !!! :

This is the Prime Minister/president[?] doing his silly little salute like as if its a Nuremberg Rally.

He looks like an idiot and a complete tosser to me but people fall for it all yet again and get all overexcited and wave their silly placards and flags.No wonder Hitler found it so easy to unite a divided german nation and here we go again as people nevfer change and never ever learn.

Anyway this Sad Moron says in his own words that if you are critical of the Israeli regime and ethnic cleansing and apartheid in Palestine/Israel then that amounts to Anti Semitism !!!

Did you get that ??

Well i am very critical of it as well but regardless of this over simplified retard and his verbal wrongness it does not amount to Anti Semitism in any way.Not so much over simplified as i dont think he ever had it in the first place.


Thats the thing by the way were you can say what you like regardless of reprisal or persecution from Government or spurious ,dubious organisations like The Anti Defamation League for example.

He looks like he is related to Tom Hanks but has a weird glazed vacant look in his eyes.I wonder why ?

He is more Jewish than a Jewish person if you dont include Rabid Zionists .Obviously he really doesnt give a toss and just follows the money.

So Stephen "MORON" Harper why dont you go and talk to some Jews and find out what the "Consensus" about Isreal/Palestine is then ?

Probably because you wont get the "consensus" that you expected and you are a Coward and a Sell Out and an enemy of free speech that hides behind your fake "Human Rights?" legislation when in fact you believe in the opposite ?

Fox Newes in the US have just been caught red handed for using a subliminal image of a picture of Republican presidential candidate [mentally unstable Moron] John McCain in the introductory sequence to Fox News.

Luckily i am immune to mind control tecniques etc as i dont want to have that Morons unfortunate face permanently lodged in my subconscious thank you or find m yself looking for the Republican tick box next time i choose to participate in the Mickey Mouse fake UK elections [by that i mean the 2 [1] main party[s] with the Liberal Democrats lagging behind right at the end with all the fat kids.

Another one who was at the back of the queue when brains were being given out.

Right then Who's next ?

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