Saturday, 26 April 2008

Vote UKIP :

Yes Everyone vote UKIP ! Dont let the politicians vote themselves out of a job ! Vote UKIP to have a referendum to not sign up to the EU reform Treaty ! If the TReaty is passed then potentially Parliment can be closed down ! Its true as it says so in the wording of the treaty.

You will miss elections and all the rest when its gone.

This just shows that hey know the will of the people is against the EU in its current state etc so the only way for them to succeed was to use stealth tactics to pass legislature not to mention all the paperclipping that goes on.No one could oppose legislation or vote against it if A:they didnt know about it and B:they didnt know it was being paperclipped.At least Hitler was open about it whereas this is different as i dont believe it has the will of the people behind it so it will inevitably fail.

Unless i am being paranoid or hopelessly imagining the problem is much worse than it is then its could get a bit unpleasent.But the way i see it the authorities dont want things to get messy as they simply do not have the logistics to deal with civil unrest as there isnt the manpower or resources to deal with it.

So i can see a peaceful solution to this happening.

The government backed down over poll tax as consensus [ours not manufactured false consensus] was going against it right across the board so this will as well.

Hopefully ?

Unless no one cares or is asleep.

Its an exact same scenario in the US as well.

Seems like the only safe place to go will be Russia [in the relativly close vicinity] since they are locked out of both merging superstates or non EU member countries in Europe.Or Iceland.[oh fuck they are already in it ! never realised]

Russia is not a bad idea since they have the worlds largest oil and mineral reserves ,forests and lakes.So they could cut off fuel supplies to whoever else they sell to if they felt like it.

So where do they fit into all this ?

Not sure yet.

They dont like the US and they dont like the EU so they are hardly going to join it anytime soon.

Like my Dad was saying they dont get any money or help from the west to deal with the fallout of the collapse of Communism like all the derelict Nucleur submarines and warheads slowly rusting away and loads of other things so i cant see them joinig but if they did join they could get loads of EU funding thrown at them but i think its stategically more sensible to not join it and maintain their independence but its funny because they are Communist and the EU is potentially communist or its own version of so there isnt a clash of ideaoligy so i wonder what is going on there ?

Worth looking into.Its not like they dont have a history of swallowing up other nations but i think its because they like doing things their own way but if you look at the EU map its like the conquest of Europe by the EU literally goes up against a huge brick wall at the border with Russia.

Switzerland is another option to go to.

You can move there if you are self employed.

Very expensive though as its mostly nearly all ski resorts but you get 2.2 Swiss Francs per UK pound so thats not bad.

For fucks sake they have referendums in Russia !

Not here though with these tossers.

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