Friday, 18 April 2008

Piece of Copper from the Bronze age :

I found this on the foreshore of the Thames if you go down the short flight of steps just next to The Prospect Of Whitby Pub at Wapping in the East End of London.I was drinking at the pub and noticed it was low tide so went mudlarking on the Thames foreshore with a friend and it caught my eye amoungst all the nondescript bits of muddy shingle and hundreds of square cut hand made copper nails that were everywhere.

Elsewhere at The foreshore at Blackfriars i found scorched pieces of timber and scorched fragments of pottery C mid half of the 17th cent hand decorated and clearly scorched by fire.Obviously debris from the Fire of London.I can really feel the history in that part of London especiallyaround the area of the Monument.

Thats to me is History.Getting your hands in it and finding it not reading text books and theory.

That gets boring.

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