Sunday, 20 April 2008

The only time i have been arrested :

I was arrested and charged with Actual bodily Harm.I had an altercation with someone and all that happened is i flicked the back of my hand into someones face [their mouth] without any warning.It drew blood.Doing that is actually quite painful and it shocked them and they threatened to call the police so i called their bluff and they did it.

I was arrested at 2 am when i was at home.I was arrested and locked in a cell .It was boring so i went to sleep and was woken up at 5am for an interview.

The interview was taped.Each tape lasts 45 minutes.The Police for some reason [as i didnt have legal representation] seemed to think it was important "that i lost control" etc etc. "did you lose control ?" No. Onto a more direct approach: "You just lost control didnt you Mr Wolf?" etc etc etcbleedincetera. Various simplistic psychological tricks were used on their part to either extract a confession or wear me down.They failed on both counts as i could see through it.They try to twist things and spin things or try to trip you up verbally and all manner of things.

Dont always believe it if they say they know something unless they state what it is as if they already knew and were just trying to match statements.Otherwise they dont know as they wouldnt be asking otherwise.Only tell them what they need to know as you are not obliged to tell them anything.

At least i dont fold under interrogation.

If you lie [knowing that there is no evidence that may implicate you ,whatever that may be -depends on the situation and each situation is different] make up your story and stick to it.Act innocent , most importantly *believe* you *are* innocent ,then effectivly you are innocent. It depends if you are can lie convincingly and i mean convincingly ,are not intimidated by them and you can act a bit and protest politely with slight outrage that you are being held .Police are gnerally not that intelligent on the whole so none of that is difficult.

Get stopped for speeding for example ? Just sweettalk them and apologise profusely and make up some sort of story that works and be very respectful even friendly towards them.Tell them why you didnt realise you were speeding.Just think that what you are doing is manipulating the police officer psychologically.Try and talk in a well spoken way when you talk to them as well.Thats very important and no swearing.I was nearly arrested for swearing at an officer once.

Never *ever* get uppity with them if want to get away with it as they react to that instantly.

"Please for the Nth time I - Did - Not - Lose - Control."

There ends the 3rd tape that was used to record the interview. Nearly 3 hours of talking in circles and denying an "Allegation ".

I still dont know what the point of that was.

I went to see the person who i [already knew personally] assaulted and we made things up and i apologised and that was it.They also went to the police and dropped all charges.I thought that was it.

I then started to get letters from the Crown Prosecution Service saying that i had to attend court on a certain day .This was a shock but i thought it was some sort of error and ignored it and didnt go to court.I thought the charges were dropped.I got a second letter saying i had to attend another court hearing and i just thought bollocks to that ! Why should i ?

So i called the Crown Prosecution Service [who were trying to prosecute instead of the person i assaulted] and queried it and basically asked what the hell was going on ? I said various things that i cant remember and said that i wasnt interested in going to court.

I never heard another thing about it.

so if you are being taken to court by the CPS just ring them up and complain and refuse to go to court.

It worked for me.

I had no legal representation.

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