Friday, 18 April 2008

Existence is one :

"Existence is one , Its movement is love , Its fullest expression is you "

Courtesy of Beshara

Beshara is a spiritual retreat in Scotland
that is essentially about "oneness" between yourself and the idea that everythhing is connected to a universal "Oneness" that is all encompassing.

I havent ever been there or involved in it but i know others who have but i can relate to its spiritual principles in the way that i feel Oneness with Nature without sounding like a Hippy.

The retreat is not affiliated to any religion but they or all welcome yet you can have no religious beliefs whatsoever and still feel at home.

I just loved the universality of those 3 sentences.Its like stripping everything away and reducing it to its most fudamental principle of life and existence i mean.

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