Wednesday, 30 April 2008

15 women a month !!!

apparently 15 women a month are beheaded in Iraq every month for breaching Muslim dress codes !!


Truly despicable and shameful.

and thats a conservative figure.

And not to mention various other types of abuse and death and suicides perpetrated by Islamic Fundamentalist Militias that operate within cuties in Iraq.

It just becomes apparent that there is something "fundamentally" wrong with these people.

To be fair the antics of the US military in Iraq doesnt exactly help either.I dont see them as any different to the Iraqis.Quite lot of their behaviour is sick and depraved in my not humble opinion.Disgraceful and if i was serving with them in Iraq i would disown them and whats more if i was there i would point a loaded gun at US military personel to stop them commiting further abuse and i would report it and blow the whistle on all of them.[after secretly filming them of course]

The whole thing is an utter amoral nightmare of a mess.

And whats with the Iraqis ?

I realise a lot of the infighting has been triggered off by agent provocateurs but why cant they just sit down ,lighten up a bit , and come to some sort of agreement between themselves ?

Ok they dont like the US but since they are there why dont they milk them for all they are worth and start letting rebuild the infrastructure ?

They are sitting on 117 trillion barrels of oil [at least] yet they dont have a pot to piss in.They have no money of their own to even think about rebuilding themselves so the money or investment has to come from outside.Ok why dont they start to make arrange business deals with other arabic nations instead ?

no one has said that they have to let american business interests get their hands on it.Not as far as i know.

Its a shame the fighting cant stop but then the way i see it the americans will stay there for as long as the fighting continues until there are no Iraqis left.The longer they fight ,the longer the US stays there as it justifies their presence.Its that simple.The US want the fighting to continue of course.The US cant rebuild because of sabotage and attacks that go on.No civil;ian personnel want to work there as they dont get paid enough so its highly dangerous.

Its worse if you are Private security in Iraq as you risk getting cut to pieces if caught by Iraqis.Whats worse is Blackwater Security are unaccountable to anyone unlike the military who are accountable to a certain extent.but then if the politics is corrupt then it trickles down to the military as well but i dont know if its the same for UK forces.From what i know the general standard of conduct concerning UK forces is much better.

so the only real solution is for the Iraqis themselves to stop fighting amongst themselves.But that wont happen as its the worst types are running the show as always not to mention Fundamentalist Islam which i have to say mostly appeals to absolute lowest common denominator of Humanity when you look at the abuse of women for example.And that is just 1 example.


They could have it all but they choose to throw it all away.

Why be a 3rd 4th world country when they could be a first ?

Seems odd that China isnt involved since they usually dont mind doing business with countries that engage in state sponsored terrorism against their own people and other countries.But they cant with the US there so that keeps the greedy chinese out of the equation so that cant be bad.I do think that if some sort of economic sanctions arent placed on China to curtail their growth then everything is fucked ultimatly.but surprise surprise corrupt governments will pillage the enviroment and destroy it and sell to the fucking Chinese because no one can stop them .Not governments anyway.

People are their own worst enemies in the end.Governments are ultimatly to blame of course.The Chinese Government are the worst example on this planet of doing just about everything wrong.

All you get all over China are Government thugs who drive around in black 4 wheel drives intimidating everyone.

Complete Cunts.

They could have set up sustainable energy if they wanted to.And why is it since they are the worlds largest growing economy that at least a little bit more of the money could trickle down to those working in slavery in Factories ?and what about all the foreign companies who set up shop in China to take advantage of the slaves ?

Its all exploitation and its all wrong.Even Steve Fucking Big Jobs who makes this Mac in China so i can sit here and post and contribute to someone elses misery when that saving in cost is not really passed onto me when you consider what i paid for it.It has to be shipped halway across the fucking planet as well to get here.My Dad had a rant about James Dyson who made a whole factory in wales redundant and went to China or one of these countries so they could cut costs and make even more money.

As if the minimum wage of 5.52 isnt low enough for them to make money for themselves or their parasitic shareholders.

He was in China doing something to do with power stations and Taiwan but left in the end or end of contract but hated it.

I am not even a Humanist but i think its wrong.

Its woeful that the combined intelligence of Humanity has made such a piss poor job of things.

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