Friday, 11 April 2008

Beaten to it by a fat woman:

I was getting a bit of pizza and the 2 fat women in front kept saying "I will have that bit and that bit and that bit !!! ". Horrible wobbly Lardies.Yeeeuuucchh !

"Its all gone now ,no more for half an hour". Great. Fucking horrible fat slobs.Graze ,Graze ,Graze ,Graze,Graze ad nausea .

Still they were probably starving as they hadnt eaten for at least half an hour.

Get some fucking exercise and get some self respect.Try walking up that escalator in the shopping centre instead of fucking blocking it.

As well as measuring their height you have to measure their diameter as well.

You could probably feed a whole extended family in Africa for a week what one overweight lump eats in one day here.

I hate greed and gluttony.Its immoral.

I wouldnt like to even touch them.

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