Friday, 11 April 2008

Trapped Pigeon :

I was just about to lock up a basement to the museum house i work at and there was a bloody Pigeon in there.The room its in has no opening window ,just a doorway.This pigeon is so stupid that it cant fly out through the doorway but instead flies acrooss the room zig zagging from one end of the room to the other and then perches on the rafters.For fucks sake just fly out of the fucking doorway.Stop flying upwards the wrong downwards.I am trying to save you otherwise you will die either from starvation or being traumatised by my efforts to get him to fly out of the doorway.I hated having to do it as i like Pigeons but i was just getting more annoyed by it.Someone else said "whack it with a big stick".Sorry but if you think i am going to whack a Pigeon with a big stick you must be out of your mind.

I just had to give up so he will have to sit in there all weekend and i will have another go on Monday and throw some food down or something.

Stupid bird.

One of the most successful species on the planet is one of the stupidest.

How did that happen ?.

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