Friday, 18 April 2008

Trapped Pigeon[s] update :

I went down to the basement on monday and no pigeon.Felt a slight tinge of guilt over leaving the poor sod down there but what can you do ?

Anyway i went down on thursday and all was quiet ,went into the back part and there were 4 Pigeons instead of 1 including my previously mentioned little friend .

How the f*** did they get in ?

Is it possible for one solitary Pigeon of indeterminate sex [i think male ?] no its not.

Anyway if the aforesaid Pigeon was female how can 1 Pigeon if female produce 4 fully grown offspring in the space of 6 days.Presuming the female Pigeon was already impregnated then its from conception to egg to adult Pigeon in 6 days !!!!!!!

Thats scary.

Its inconcievable Ha Ha

Perhaps they are an Alien species trying to take over the planet and we will eventually end up with the equivalent of Locust swarms [ i have been in a Locust swarm but not as a Locust but inside a car] except birds or an Alfred Hitchcock scenario.

Which reminds me of a time i was working out in the sticks on an extension with one other.The extension corridoor was completely glass including the roof.In the distance due to my acute hearing i heard a distant indistinct hum that was getting louder and louder and sounded like a swarm of insects getting closer.I said to my friend/co-worker i think you should get inside here very very fast and shut the door.He was dithering and didnt realise what was happening.Just as i shut the door the sky filled up with insects , Bees or Wasps , not sure and i wasnt going to get close enough to find out as i have been on the recieving end of a swarm of Wasps moving nests.They will attack anything that moves and is in their way.I got about 30 stings in all when i was in the way of a swarm of wasps once.No big deal but not much fun.I had to run through the woods as fast as i could and run to and let myself into a complete strangers house to escape that was near where i lived.If you fight them off and inevitably kill some of them they send out an alarm signal to the others and it just gets worse unless you can outrun them.Just run and find cover.

I was stung by a Hornet in New Guinea as well.The sting isnt toxic unless you are allergic but they are far more agressive than Bees.I like Bees.gentle peace loving creatures but Hornets are nasty bastards.

Going off on a tangent but WTF.

IN Australia we weree all in the garden once having a Barbie [somewhere in Glen Waverley , i hated Glen Waverley - boring suburbia]and i was sitting around and this Lizard that looked to be the size of a Kimono Dragon ran right through the garden and left through a hole in the fence.No one else saw it as it moved so quickly.Another event was disturbing some old stuff that was stacked up against the garage and there was a large pink [albino] Scorpion that was in attack mode as it was startled so i picked up an empty plastic container and threw it over the top of it trapping.I was 6 then.

The first ever time i went to New Guinea i went to this school [i think aged 6 ?] that was basically a load of straw huts with sand on the floor and lots of rush matting as floor covering.I had spent hardly any time with the natives or indigenous population at that point and to be honest it was all a bit of a MindFuck as well as being like one big adventure.I was sitting in one of the huts and one of the natives ,a tall athletic female perhaps my age or a bit older who was only being playful as i felt like i was an alien ran towards me really fast waving her arms around and screaming that shit me up really badly so i grabbed a handful of sand of the floor and threw it in her face as an automatic defensive reaction without thinking.Of course i didnt mean to really hurt her and nearly blind her but i was just doing what came naturally as she scared me a bit .

Early survival instinct.


I got caned for that aged 6 by the head teacher as it were who looked like some sort of Charles Darwin figure with sort of Khaki explorers get up and a long beard and pith hat i shit you not.

Caned hard aged 6 !!!!!

Bastard.That kicked up an awful stink when the parents found out.

Oooooh Nasty !

My schooldays there were not a success.

THe bastard of a teacher confiscated my favourite piece of Pyrites and quartz crystals that my dad gave me from the copper mine and i never got it back.Dad used to come home with whole plastic sacks of Pyrites and Peacock Ore.

Enough anyway.

Going back to the Pigeons it reminds me of that future Shock in 2000ad with the Coathangers that multiplied that were an alien species in disguise.It was a helluva hassle getting them out of there plus blocking any possible? entry points /

This Ends.

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