Thursday, 10 April 2008


not had any more problems but why did my neighbours never say how much the noise was annoying them ? Everytime i saw them or they knocked on the door they were very happy and were smiling when they complained about music ? If there is a problem its far better to tell me that is annoying them instead of being happy and smiling because it sends out the wrong signals and sort of trivialises the problem.I dont see the point in suffering in silence when there is a problem when its better all round to nip it in the bud.

Which thinking back to a year or 2 ago when i was getting fed up with their noise like hearing loud television at 3 in the morning when the windows are open in the summer or hearing loud cackling laughter from one of the girls that sounded like what i imagine the Wicked Witch of the west would sound like at all times of the day,or hearing the constant sharp click click click from the toy plastic gun that they used to shoot the bad guys on their computer game ,or their banging house/chav moron music that they went through a phase of playing constantly,or one of the Arnies skipping in the bedroom next door with its thud thud thud of 15-16 stone arnie bouncing up and down on the floor,and the outside of the yard by their door which was a mass of fag ends just chucked on the floor like an ashtray.I dont want to see fag ends all over the floor by all the potted plants, and the endless coughing at night from the girls who smoked [smokers cough].I dont know how they managed to sleep,and the slamming of the front door instead of fixing it,and my housemate who also slams the front door even when you can close it gently which is like hitting the doorframe with a hammer so that there are movement cracks all around the inside of the frame.

Why do people slam doors ? It must be some sort of way of releasing tension but it drives me up the fucking wall BBBOOOOOMMPPTTHH !!!!!! .Jesus. It feels like ...i dont know i just hate it.

I am going to attack someone if they do that one day.

I complained about twice and didnt feel the need to write letters or email their landlord about the problem.

I am still freinds with them but the fact they went behind my back has coloured the relationship somewhat or its at the back of my mind anyway although i have forgiven them for it.I cant be bothered to bear grudges unless its exceptional circumstances.Its better to move on .

I have stopped it now but they probably heard me banging things and swearing out loud every so often.

Next door were different as they were being deliberatly provocative especially Hector who was a slimeball and his snotty rude wife.I was kept awake by their screaming child on a nightly basis for months usually at 2 or 3 in the morning.It sounded like the child was being tortured and it wasnt very pleasent and apparently i was told he was having nightmares.What could have3 disturbed the child so much that would cause that to happen ?

I had had enough and talked to the mother of the child about it and had the audacity to suggest that maybe the child should not sleep on his own but should sleep with the parents.

"No we leave him alone and ignore him and he will fall asleep again".

Doesnt sound right to me but kids cant choose their parents.

Also i found it shocking that someone who is a doctor and works in a hospital can live in a filthy house that isnt kept clean particularly the kitchen which was a health risk.I saw the inside of the house when they left and it was a disgrace.The limescale build up in the shower was so thick it had to be cleaned with Hydrochloric acid [brick cleaner].They wrote letters to their landlord who i am friends with in an attempt to poison our friendship.They said did i want to read the letters / so i said no thanks.Complete lies.What a mess and hundres of very small stickers stuck all over every surface by their kid.A sod to remove.

I would rather not have neighbours or that they are over there somewhere out of sight.You never know who any of them are here ,no one talks and no one socialises even when we throw a barbeque .People are too anal and uptight here in that peculiar english sort of way and i cant get used to it.No sense of community although its not bad with all the girls and women who work in various shops in the village who are chatty and john the homeless guy who sits outside the shop strumming away on his guitar which he cant play.Its more like a prop than an instrument.I often buy him a can or 2 anyway and he is well liked and really is part of the community as he chats to everyone.

Waffle waffle waffle

This Ends.

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