Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Common Purpose :

Anyone heard of an organisation Common Purpose ?

Probably not.

I quote this:
"What is the "Charitable" organisation called Common Purpose (CP)? Why are CP graduates forbidden to reveal what is taught on these courses?

Although it has 80,000 trainees in 36 cities, 30,000 graduate members and enormous power, Common Purpose (CP) is largely unknown to the general public.

It recruits and trains its leaders to work "beyond authority," to abuse their posts and serve Common Purpose, instead of their own departments, which they then undermine. Its members control the NHS, where it wastes 60 billion pounds, much of it going into private pockets; and controls most of Britains 8,500 quangos which spend 167 billion annually, according to the Cabinet Office. Most of that is waste. Business rates and tax go up, services go down, the difference is spent on yet more CP quangos."

The big question is Whos common purpose and what common purpose ?

Apparently they are Communists/Socialists/Marxists

It sounds like an accident waiting to happen in my opinion as i dont support any of those idealogies for various reasons i will expand upon later.They are funded by New Labour who have Designer Socialist leanings.

Beware of Isms.

I knew some Marxists once and went to a living Marxism meeting.apparently i had to ask my "leader" if i could ask a question at the meeting.rubbish.I dont ask anyone if i can ask a question .

I will be back to dish the dirt on them later but for now they are a secretive sort of hive mind organisation a bit like Freemasons or New Labour or Scientology or Nazis with some new age type bullshit mixed in.they are all tied up in governmentlocal and national and also are involved in various unelected quangos and various aspects of officialdom and are heavily involved in the creating of the [at some point in the future ] National socialist superstate of the EU.They also employ their own nazi/new age logos and symbols.

They run courses for "Leaders" , i mean people that you wouldnt trust to make a cup of coffee.

Thats enough for now but drag this link [at the foot of the page] into your address bar and watch and listen to this deranged Nutjob babbling away .Listen very carefully to what she says and watch the way she avoids looking at the camera and watch the way her eyes behave as she is speaking.She looks Psychotic and looks like she needs to be sectioned under the Mental Health act.She looks like has got "Problems".Her name is Julie Middleton by the way.

Common Purpose are in cahoots with New Labour Blair / Brown axis of evil and are placing thousands of public service workers ,most of whom probably lack the part of the brain that enables independent thought/decision making and critical thinking onto "common Purpose" courses.

Their key catchphraes/soundbite is "Leadership beyond authority" or some sort of Bollox like that.

They are a nefarious anti-democratic organisation.

Not worried ?

Think this is conspiracy nut stuff ?

Then think about these 2 points which are more than enough to be going on with:

1:They developed from The Council of Foreign Relations

[I work under the assumption that everyone knows all about them so enough said]

2: They openly promote what they and the rest of the 1 world government brigade call "The post democratic era".

What is a post democratic era ?

What does that imply ?

Think about it.

You have to think about the wider implications of it all

She is the spokesperson/head of "Common Purpose".


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