Saturday, 18 August 2007

This used to be all fields.

The picture at the top is of a place that i used to haunt [i couldnt resist that ! ] .One of the markers is The Ancient Parish Church of Ore .Next to it is a small farm .What you see around it are a lot of new houses that have been built over the last ten years. the Church is somewhere i discovered when exploring the woods.before the houses where built it was a forgotten ruin .There was just the tower left and one wall.Before the houses it was a beautiful place.It was hidden away and surrounded by trees.It was like something out of a horror film.There were some very rusty old iron gates as well .The whole place looked and felt very haunted.There is a small cemetry as well .I used to go up there quite a lot not always alone.I discovered it in about 1980 and sometimes you used to get some quite wierd people there.When the houses where built it became too well known and was ruined and the place lost all its atmosphere.Once i went up there and found a lot of slaughtered chickens strewn around the place from some ritual that had taken place the night before as the site used to attract that kind of activity. There is a colony of white pigeons that have always lived in the tower and they are still there.

Over to the left is the site where there used to be a Ministry of Defence building that was apparently used for war records .This was a weird place as well and i remember being very scared once when i was in the grounds as i felt i was being watched by something that wasnt there so i ran for my life.I ran straight through a bramble hedge and got torn to pieces by the thorns but i was so scared that i didnt even notice it happen.The site is or was haunted but it may have subsided when the building was demolished and houses built on the site.I was 14 -15 at the time of the incident.

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