Thursday, 30 August 2007

Thats better !

I couldnt stand another second of that noise.

On the subject of noise and mobiles and the sort of socially and intellectually inept shallow fuckwit who is so shallow that they need a little plastic toy to fiddle around with and show to their friends. "Look it plays songs!! And takes pictures and you can watch videos and text all my little friends with all that stupid TXT lnguage.

Its enough to make you despair but i just ignore them as i am not even interested in Mobiles as i have a natural aversion to them.And i dont much enjoy listening to their boring little lives and boring everything else.Why they assume everyone else is deaf i just dont know but sometimes i wish i fucking was.Also when they are outside the pub or wherever they are calling from why is it that they cant stand in one place instead of pacing up and down usually from left to right ? It must be some sort of involuntary action that they are not aware of but they nearly always do it.Also some of these people have mobiles and make calls in stupid inappropriate places and get in the way like in a shop.I suppose it makes them feel important and i think it is also attention seeking.Pathetic.

On the Virgin train from Brighton to Manchester Piccadilly i always sit in the quiet coach so i dont have to tolerate mobile phone bullshit.On one occaison i had fallen asleep but was awakened by someone behind making a call despite it being the quiet coach.I dont care for being woken up and it is my all time pet hate .Sometimes it cant be helped but if it is some thoughtless inconsiderate tosser then i can only assume that if they dont shut the fuck up then they must have a death wish.I didnt ask but told the idiot behind to turn it off.This he did as he realised that i wasnt pissing about. Then would you believe it another one starts to make a call."IS DARREN THERE ? etc boring etc boring etc .Here we go again .I asked this idiot to turn it off but he ignored me [thats another of my pet hates] and without even looking at me told me to "fuck off" .So i ask again this time saying that if he doesnt turn off that stupid little bit of plastic or make the call elsewhere then i am going to take it off you and smash it .He then says "What is your problem" plus some other rubbish.He got a whack round the head with my book for that indiscression.Then he turned it off.I am not paying 70 quid for a train ticket to listen to that bullshit and i am sick and tired of stroppy little socially retarded people with no respect or consideration for others.Well respect starts here.Everyone else just sits there and says nothing and just tolerates it but i dont.

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