Friday, 24 August 2007

I nearly drowned or did almost drown.

This is a major event in my life.When i lived on an Island off New Guinea we used to spend a lot of weekends at an island retreat away from the main island .It was a private resort.I wasnt a strong swimmer at the time but i was fascinated by the shells and coral that was washed up on the shore and i was snorkeling but as is the nature of small islands barely above sea level the tide comes in very very quickly.I was out of my depth and panicked and to make it even worse i thought i saw a shark and so panicked and tried to get everyone elses attention .My mum and dad were just sitting on the beach or at the bar drinking.I was screaming and shouting for attention.I just about got noticed and first of all my brother just stood watching on the shore and did nothing.Then my Dad suddenly noticed and flew into the water at 100 mph and saved me from drowning and carried me back to shore. Then a quick dry off with a towel and a bit of sympathy and it was business as usual as if nothing had happened.I was awfully close to being swept out to sea by the currents never to be seen again.

I went to a school in New Guinea that consisted of straw huts with the floors being sand.Imagine that .I went to a school with the indigenous population of very dark - skinned islanders.The Headmaster of the school was this sort of Charles Darwin figure
with his khaki shorts and shirt and Pith etc.Like a victorian explorer type and very disciplinarian.On one of my first days at that school i remember being a bit scared of one of the native girls who was tall and black who i had never seen before who was trying to scare me .She did scare me and so my survival instinct took over and i picked up a handful of sand and threw it in her face.It obviously went into her eyes and caused her agony , but i was scared shitless and was just defending myself. Anyone reading this probably cant comprehend what my life was like being in that situation .For that misdemeanour i remember being caned 3 times at the age of about seven or eight.There begins my dislike of authority as i felt this was a gross injustice.I dont remember lasting long at that school.Fuck school and fuck education i decided from that point on.The one threat that my dad used to correct my behaviour was to constantly threaten me that he was going to send me to Boarding school back in england.But it was only a threat as he thought it was the wrong thing to do but it wasnt a hollow threat by any means.The only reason my family moved to england was for me to get a "better" education .what a joke and a waste of time and money that turned out to be.

I am enjoying telling my life story.Its got to be more interesting than the a biography on the life story of David beckham for example.

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