Tuesday, 7 August 2007

4AD presents the 13 year itch video compilation

I unearthed this the other day as it has been watched a few times and then packed away for 14 years.Its a VHS tape.It was given away if you were at the event.I had a panic the other day as i thought it had been lost as was the case with the CD that has vanished. The CD is as rare as rocking horse shit.4AD themselves said Best of luck finding another of those . The video is even rarer than that as there werent many given out.

The tracklisting:

1:The Breeders - cannonball
2:Unrest - isobel
3:pixies -dig for fire/allison [my sisters name]
4:frank black - los angeles
5:bettie serveert -tom boy
6:the wolfgang press - kansas
7:his name is alive - are we still married ?
8:his name is alive - lip
9:his name is alive - cant go wrong without you
10:this mortal coil - late night
11:micheal brook - breakdown
12:heidi berry - the moon and the sun
13:red house painters - 24
14:throwing muses - counting backwards
15:pale saints - blue flowers
16:swallow - oceans and blue skies
17:lush - superblast
18:ultra vivid scene - blood and thunder

I knocked the table that had kim deal of the pixies and others were sitting around drinking at sending all their drinks spilling all across the table and over them as well. but it was alright as they just laughed and were very forgiving about it.Also i had a chat with ivo watts russell who started 4ad records .that was good because i liked all the 4ad music in those days.they were my favourite record label.thank you ivo watts russell.also all the original art from the sleeves was on exhibition as well .Thats some of my favourite art . artwork by vaughn olivier 23 envelope . as good as peter saville / factory records their artwork gave labels a distinctive identity that was their own

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