Friday, 24 August 2007

The book.

I am in a financial predicament but not in debt.I need to raise capital to fund a building project that is sitting idle that i cant fund because i am out of funds apart from earnt income . I dont borrow not even privatly or from family so i am going to write my way out of it by writing a book .They say go for it and have been very encouraging so far . This evening was the first time putting pen to paper to formulate the content and layout of the book as i felt inspired.Going out isnt going to get me anywhere so i am going to devote most of my spare time to writing as time is very much of the essence as its not good to let things slip by or waste time procastrinating when matters have to be dealt with.

My brother always said and had a go at me on several occaisons about the fact that i have the capacity to be someone rather than no one but was wasting my time.I just wish he was still around to see whats going on .He would have been very happy and i would have been very happy as well.

This evening i have filled an a4 sheet of paper with possible subjects and subchapters and observations.I am slightly pissed posting this but this post is in the words of Paul Weller " dedicated to anyone who has slated me or given me a hard time in the past . Fuck You."


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