Friday, 3 August 2007


I had my first attempt at stonemasonry.Laying slabs. The first attempt was completely wrong as i rushed it. The guy who is training me who is a building historian said "Tell me what you have done wrong." " I said you had better tell me or we will be standing here all morning" The upshot was lift it up and relay it and this time get it right and follow the instructions i have given you.

This time i did get it right and the work was approved and passed .

I learnt how to make Hydraulic lime as the romans did.

There is noone else in Brighton who is learning about all this sort of thing and as far as i know noone else is interested either . There are only 4 individuals who know anything about building conservation and listed buildings in Brighton and i am one of them. On a couple of projects i have had specifications to work to that are provided by surveyors. i have discarded theirs and written out my own instead and worked to that instead as they are not educated in respect of building conservation practices. So i say this is how it is done and this is how i am going to do it.

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