Sunday, 26 August 2007

Comic art

I am a complete novice at this but i am slowly progressing in a positive way.I have just started to compose a drawing or character out of my imagination rather than having to look at source material for guidance.I have to say now that i am not creating totally new characters .Not as yet,rather i am still drawing existing characters in different positions ,situations etc in an attempt to improve my drawing of figures or people.I still stick to drawing characters that i like and are familiar with drawing.This is more than enough for now.The only slight problem is my wandering attention span as i tend to draw in fits and starts rather than start a picture and finish it to at least a pencilled stage.Never mind.Little and often is actually a good way of improving whatever it is you are learning providing that you have enough self motivation to persist with it .Perseverance and persistance are two of my favourite words .I dont believe anyone got to the top without understanding the nature of perseverance and persistance.Tenaciousness is another quality that is good to have for miuch the same reasons.

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