Friday, 24 August 2007

The only time i have won anything.

The only time i have ever won anything [apart from winning the competition to design the cover to the school magazine] or been part of a team who has won anything was first prize in the best stand competition at the Decorex exhibition [international fair of fabrics and furnishing ] at Syon Park in Chiswick.We were commisioned by a London fabric designer to design and build a stand for the exhibition.The theme for the stand was to be Moorish or Morrocan in style. One of the team was an architecture student who was a friend of a friend and another friend who literally lives 30 seconds from where i live now.He also does set design at glyndebourne opera.The stall was just made from bits of wood and orange boxes stained with woodstain plus lots of paraphenalia that was Morrocan plus the fabrics.To our amazement we won first prize against heavyweight competition [international fabric houses].Fergie presented the prize but i didnt attend that event.The prize was a silver bowl.We went back at the end to dismantle the stand and clear out and help ourselves to whatever other exhibitors left behind and got a bit pissed [or slightly merry on tray after tray of glasses of Champagne] and load up into the van. We stopped off at a friends house in Forest row in sussex before we had to unload the main part of the stand at the house of Dave Gilmours [Pink Floyd] ex wifes house in forest Row which was a bit curious as i didnt understand the connection as it wasnt explained to me. Who knows Dave Gilmours [ginger] ex wife ?? Tea with Dave Gilmours ex wife adds a bit of variety to life.

When i was 11 i was eating out with my family at a restaurant at the next table to Val Doonican . Val bloody Doonican .That guy who sings in a rocking chair on a saturday evening on BBC1 who was the scourge of my life ? Is this what my life amounts to as an 11 year old ? I hope things improve.

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