Tuesday, 28 August 2007

I [sort of] know a Furrie !

This is someone who owns a chain of pubs in Brighton.This person is a Leo and he is absolutly obsessed with Lions.The chain of pubs is called the Golden Lion group of pubs.when you go in some of these pubs there are Lions [ pictures of and object D,art ]everywhere.He named his kids Leo and leo something or other for a girl.He thinks he is a Lion as well.He is also very flash and drives a 2 door black brand new Bentley coupe with a number plate that says MR. LION on it .He has gone through quite a few different personalised plates that have lion on them somewhere.The old plate had D.Day lion on it.Dave Day [D day] is his name.There were even Lion Fish in a fishtank in one of the pubs.His house is like Graceland [Elvis Presley].He is not an unpleasant guy but he does remind me a bit of a character that you would see in the Fast Show.

I was in one of his pubs once and sitting in a Chesterfield settee and you could shove your hand down the back of it where that bit is where stuff falls down it and i worked my way from one side of it to the other and by the end i had twenty quid in pound coins and other change plus lighters and other things so that wasnt bad going.

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