Saturday, 18 August 2007

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This is where a polish family lived just up the road from where i lived. I used to know them a bit .The garden was big enough to fit several houses in the grounds that ruined it in my opinion.The family had two kids One was called Lucian who reminded me of a Gorilla.I didnt like him much but my mum said why dont i play with Lucian as my mum knew his mum . So i got to know Lucian a bit but i thought he was a bit weird as something wasnt right.One evening i was walking home with Lucian.I was about 14 at the time and all of a sudden i was punched in the head by Lucian for absolutly no reason.When we got home it was dark and i said goodbye [or good riddence]to Lucian.I had gone a little way down the road towards my house and i was being bombarded by large stones that Lucian was throwing at me from up the road.I wasnt hit by them but i never went near that nutcase again. F****** lunatic.I told my mum that i wasnt going near that kid again but i still used to talk to his mum as i quite liked her.

Anyway to prove i was right it turned out he was mentally ill or Schizophrenic although that can mean many things.Years and Years later he threw himself off the top of a multistory car park here in central Brighton.

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