Thursday, 23 August 2007

second todays fun and games

Today i talked to my next door neighbour for the first time in 9 -10 months since he moved in .This didnt come about in the normal fashion as you and i know it but rather in a boring pointless and rude kind of fashion.This isnt where i actually live but at another address that is very close.I must have walked past or seen this idiot about 50 times and each time he has chosen to ignore me.I must admit i didnt like this person from the v ery second i saw them as there was something about him i didnt like and he always had a look on his face that i didnt like.Instant judgement you might think and everytime i am right as i read people like books and i always sense a wrong un.This happens very rarely.anyway I always notice him looking down on us from his balcony towards us in the basement as if we are somehow inferior.Anyway we have triple the amount of floorspace than you do so fuck you.He also drives an old Porsche 928 just to impress.It doesnt work.We think he is a twat so we ignore him.We dont engage at all.

So to today : I am working 4 doors up in the square doing various repairs to a front entrance.I was working up a ladder in an awkward situation and i nneded a drop of water to knock up my pot of muck again without having to go down the ladder again.So i walked along the balconys to look for a drop of water.I found some and left to go back to my bit.Then inevitably a door opens and a voice says "what do you.. etc] .It turned out to be dickhead [bignose]i was just referring to.I tried to explain why i was there but he talked over me and ignored what i said.Then to add insult to injury he says "you are the "contractor" we have requested to work on our house, I am on the management commitee for the house,and i will make sure you dont get it ! " Well for the second time Fuck You , I know the chairman of the commitee and he wont listen to you so shut the fuck up and go back inside.I didnt actually say this i just said "please yourself ". The fact is i am not being given adequate funds to do a proper job so i doubt i will do the work unless more money is forthcoming.I turn down work often because i cant work to a high enough specification and enough funds to work with.I simply can not do work that is not up to my usual standard as it is bad for my reputation. The finished result is very poor and i get no job satifaction whatsover .

So finally Dickhead decides to call the Police. So the Police arrive and i have a chat with them and explain myself . The Police listened and totally understood what had happened.They could see i was working and that i was known in the square .I dont make a point of not liking the Police etc as i have always found them absolutly fine to deal with and perfectly likeable as people.I said to them that i couldnt believe they had been called out and they thought the same as well.One of them was laughing about it a bit or smiling a lot at least.I said i would keep the peace and not go on his property again.

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